Hempstalk 2011

portland hempstalk 2011

Last weekend the Pacific Northwest was blanketed with haze; but, not from the forest fires. This year’s Hempstalk here in Portland, Oregon was awesome!

Hempstalk 1

First, we were greeted by countless booths selling anything and everything marijuana lovers could want. After hours of browsing the plethora of glassware, it was time for a snack. The shaded area was being well used by numerous huddles of red-eyed Hempstalkers. My shaved ice was complimented with a delectable brownie and chocolate chip cookie I purchased from one of the festival’s unofficial vendors walking amongst the circles. Another kind fellow was handing out home-made fudgesicles the deal with the heat. They were chocolatey and rich…with some other ingredient I’ve never tasted in a frozen treat…

In the middle of the park was the stage, and after a brief pep talk, I was apart of the biggest 4:20 session I had ever seen. Real One was performing, and when I say performing, I mean he was throwing out hundreds, yes hundreds, of doobies into the crowd. After the crowd was good and blazed, Real One passed out the biggest joint I have ever seen. Nearly three feet of packed, rolled, ganja being passed around the cotton-mouthed mob.

Hempstalk 2

Hempstalk was a great experience as a marijuana consumer. Thousands of people just enjoying each others’ company, food, music, and cannabis. If you missed it this year, you should be sure to check it out in 2012. Hempstalk truly felt like a festival for freedom.

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