August 26, 2010

Hey Tea Party – George Washington Grew Hemp

August 26, 2010
George Washington hemp

I wish I could write this article with just counter one-liners like “Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Legalizing marijuana will not increase use amongst children just bad parenting” the list goes on but it’s just as bad as saying “I’m rubber your glue”. So let’s get logical.

When the Tea Party first arrived I thought it was a joke, not just because of their initial campaigning of “Tea-bagging” but because it was an obvious political tool of the Republican Party and Fox News. As time progressed these people have proven to be a force to contend with in politics; consider them a middle class ACORN.

Lately I’ve hearing more and more that the Tea-party is not racist or other such language but I honestly believe if McCain got into office there would be no Tea-party but there would still have been more bailouts.

The point is if these people really believe in what they tout than they should support the legalization of marijuana. Much of the tea party stance refers to the founding father’s beliefs. With that said George Washington grew hemp. Thomas Jefferson believed “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” The founding fathers were pro-marijuana.

Whether you’re a smoker or not, the fact that big government is trying to tell states what their policies, should be enough to anger tea party supporters. The DEA (a branch of the government) has extended its powers to punishing legal (in their states) growers and sellers of medical marijuana. Remember, smaller government not more.

And what about fiscal responsibility? Billions are spent yearly to battle marijuana. I wonder how much has been spent to extradite, prosecute, and jail Marc Emery or Eddy Lepp? The two individuals I’ve mentioned are serving time for marijuana, prior to their convictions have lived peaceful non-violent coexistences. Why are we arresting hippies when there are enough bad guys out there?

Besides the money being spent on the prosecuting side (police, courts, and jails) we’re losing money on the tax and free market side of things. Everyday I read about X amount of plants found worth millions of dollar or X amount of pounds found, these dollar values are purely fabricated. Hypothetically let’s say they’re true, well than the state, federal, and local communities are now losing out on those dollars.

Not only does the recreational/medicinal business lose but so does the industrial. Hemp can be used for rope, clothing, paper, and oil. Did you know all hemp products in the USA are imported? Farming has always been a backbone to the American industry, seems to me that we need to get back to basics with something that can’t be outsourced.

Than there’s the healthcare debate. We’re all familiar with disclaimers at the end of drug commercials; drugs for pain, depression, erectile dysfunction, the list goes on, hell even beer and cigarettes come with a disclaimer. The question here is why not marijuana?

Cultures have known for years that marijuana helps with pain and other chronic problems. I’m not sure at what point drugs get the FDA approved stamp but it seems to me that if you have to put a disclaimer about anal bleeding maybe that drug shouldn’t be getting approved. I for one have never heard of anyone’s butt bleeding from smoking a joint but if you have please let me know.

Years ago American politicians created a subversive counter culture based on racism and dollar signs; it’s up to American politicians of today to fix it.

There’s nothing more American than a protest, rally, or even a sit-in and I believe this is what helps propagate the Tea-party. People are always looking for someone or something to blame but unfortunately the answer is not black and white. They believe our privileged fast-food, sue happy, get rich quick, INTERNET society is crumbling under the face of socialism. Well if companies keep leaving the states (3 that I know of this year) than you’re going to need that socialism.

We have the perfect opportunity to change a corrupt law and create new industry here in America. A chance to free up our prison systems and face our world with a realistic viewpoint not the jaded a pothead is a loser attitude.

Besides if the Tea-partier truly feels that legal marijuana would just lead to mass groups of people staying home getting high and not being productive, well than that means less competition for you, doesn’t it?

The Tea-party fundamentals wreak of marijuana, its time you people truly took a stand. Maybe its the Arizona heat talking but I think at the next Tea Party rally expect to see a 5’11” brown guy holding a sign with George Washington on it saying “I grew hemp”.


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