Latest Polling On Marijuana Reform Initiatives In America

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We are just one week away from the most crucial election night in marijuana legalization history. Don't forget to tune in to The Russ Belville Show from 4pm-10pm Pacific time for the latest updates from all the states voting on Marijuana Election Night 2012.

For the first time, three states will be voting on the legalization of marijuana for all adults 21 and over, even the healthy ones! Two states are voting on marijuana legalization for sick and disabled people and one state is trying to restore their original medical marijuana law that was gutted by the legislature.

Here is a breakdown of the six initiatives with details on their effect and the latest polling numbers. We will bring you live coverage from East Coast to West Coast as the polls close from time zone to time zone, starting at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern right here at,, and other fine cannabis community websites.

What's the take-away from these results? To me, it looks like the conservative medical marijuana measures (MA, MT) and the conservative legalization measures (CO, WA) are likelier to pass and the liberal measures that we activists would prefer (AR, OR) are going to struggle to break 40% of the vote.



Polling Firm (Date)




Massachusetts Question 3

Medical Marijuana for Cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, ALS, Crohn's, Parkinson's, MS Allowed to possess a "60 day supply" to be defined by state Up to 35 licensed dispensaries Only "hardship" exemption for home growing

Boston Globe (10/28)Boston Globe (Sep)Suffolk U. (Sep) Public Policy Polling (Aug)

63%69%59% 58%

28%22%35% 27%

9%9%6% 15%

Arkansas Issue 5

Medical Marijuana for Cancer, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, ALS, Tourette's, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's agitation, cachexia, peripheral neuropathy, intractable pain, severe nausea, seizures, epilepsy, muscle spasms, MS Reciprocity to other states' cardholders Allowed to possess 2.5 ounces usable medicine Up to 1 dispensary per 25 pharmacies May grow 6 flowering plants >12" tall IF not using a dispensary AND >5 miles from dispensary Caregivers may grow up to 20 plants and be reimbursed for supplies and labor Employment non-discrimination Education non-discrimination Medical non-discrimination (organ transplants) Child Custody non-discrimination

Talk Business (10/25)Talk Business (10/18)U. Ark. (10/14) Talk Business (Jul)

38%38%44% 47%

54%53%52% 46%

8%8%5% 7%

Montana Referendum 124

Keep the new legislature-passed medical marijuana law Cancer, glaucoma, and HIV/AIDS patients should only qualify if condition "results in symptoms that seriously and adversely affect the patient's health status" Pain should only qualify is there is "objective proof of the etiology of the pain" or a second opinion Nausea and seizures should only qualify if they are "intractable" (no other treatment works) Patients must grow their own marijuana or have someone grow it for them for free, only after getting federal background check.

MSU Billings Poll (10/18)Public Policy Polling (Sep)Mason Dixon (Sep)




Colorado Amendment 64

Legalized Marijuana for Adults 21+' Allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana outside the home Allowed to grow up to three mature plants at home Allowed to possess all the marijuana grown at home Allowed to give up to an ounce to another adult 21+ Establish commercial marijuana market Maintain current medical marijuana law Maintain current DUID law Legalize industrial hemp

Public Policy Polling (10/25)SurveyUSA (10/15)U. Denver (10/9) Denver Post (Sep) Public Policy Polling (Aug) Rasmussen (Jun)

53%48%50% 51% 47% 61%

43%43%40% 40% 38% 27%

5%9%10% 9% 15% 12%

Oregon Measure 80

Legalized Marijuana for Adults 21+ Allowed to possess unlimited amounts of marijuana Allowed to grow unlimited amounts of marijuana Establish commercial marijuana market Maintain current medical marijuana law Maintain current DUID law Completely unregulated industrial hemp, includes all seeds and starts of all cannabis varieties

The Oregonian (10/29)SurveyUSA (10/19)SurveyUSA (Sep)




Washington Initiative 502

Legalized Marijuana for Adults 21+ Allowed to possess one ounce marijuana, 16 ounces of infused solids (edibles), or 72 ounces of infused liquids (tinctures) No personal home growing allowed Establish commercial marijuana market Maintain current medical marijuana law Establish new 5ng per se DUID law Legalize industrial hemp

Strategies 360 (10/22)Survey USA (10/18)KCTS 9 (10/18) SurveyUSA (Sep) SurveyUSA (Jul) Public Policy Polling (Jun)

54%55%51% 57% 55% 50%

38%36%41% 34% 32% 37%

8%9%8% 9% 13% 13%

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