November 1, 2012

Latino Leaders Endorse Colorado Amendment 64

November 1, 2012
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What If? – Latino Voices for Amendment 64

Brian Vicente, Co-Director, Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

Marijuana prohibition impacts all of our communities, but as you might already know, it especially affects the Latino community. Last week, a report from the Marijuana Arrest Research Project showed that Latinos in Colorado are being arrested for marijuana possession at a far greater rate than whites, despite a significantly lower rate of use. It’s unfair, and it needs to stop.

We’ve put together a new online ad featuring Latino Voices for Amendment 64. Please take a moment to watch it, and then share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Today, we are also proud to announce a slew of endorsements from Latino organizations and leaders across Colorado, including:

  • The Colorado Latino Forum
  • Denver School Board Member Andrea Mérida
  • American GI Forum Mile High Chapter Commander Cipriano Griego
  • Denver theatre director Tony Garcia
  • Internationally renowned Mexican poet and peace activist Javier Sicilia

They join the National Latino Officers Association, UFCW Local 7 president Kim Cordova, Colorado Progressive Coalition executive director Miriam Peña, ACLU of Colorado public policy director Denise Maes, and Colorado social justice activist Jessie Ulibarri in supporting Amendment 64.

The momentum is clearly on our side, and this election is ours to win. Thanks so much for all your support.


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