March 10, 2013

Legal Seminar – Colorado Marijuana Business Models

March 10, 2013
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colorado legal seminar marijuana business rob corry amendment 64DATE: Tues., April 16, 2013

TIME: 5:30pm to 9:30pm

Ramada Plaza Denver-Central Hotel, 4849 Bannock St., Denver, CO

$295.00 per person / 2 for $500.00. Includes course workbook with sample forms and contracts. CLE available for attorney.This course has limited space, so register now!


Colorado Marijuana Business Models Legal Seminar Attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr. will discuss the legal issues related to marijuana businesses in Colorado. With the passage of Am. 64 in November 2012, there are new opportunities outside of the medical marijuana industry that are available to people right now. This 4-hour class is designed for those who want to thoroughly understand all the legal issues in Colorado marijuana law. Topics to be covered include:

1) A64: Colorado Marijuana and Hemp Regulation Act
Amendment 64, passed in 2012, allows adults 21 years of age and older to possess one ounce of marijuana and to cultivate six plants, with no more than 3 flowering at any time. A64 also allows adults to assist each other in cannabis cultivation, and allows private use that is not public and open. A64 requires the DOR to develop rules for commercial marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, testing and retail facilities.

This seminar will cover the following business models allowed under A64:
– A64 Assistance Agreements: A64 allows adults to assist each other in cannabis growing and processing, as long as there is no “remuneration” for these services. Learn how to protect yourself with Assistance Agreements.
– A64 Private Cannabis Clubs: A64 allows private use that is not public and open. Learn what you need to start your own private club that is compliant with the Constitution.
– A64 Medicinal Hemp CBD Medicines: A64 defines industrial hemp as any cannabis with less than 0.3% THC. There are no cultivation or processing requirements on hemp in A64. As many growers know, the THC content is often inversely proportional to the CBD content in cannabis: the less THC, the more CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that has been found to have exceptional medical benefits, including anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory anti-psychotic and anti-tumor properties. The public demand for low-THC/high-CBD medicinal products is increasing rapidly.
– A64-inspired “Pot for Donations” schemes: Learn the meaning of the word “remuneration” and the significant potential risks and dangers of this business model.
– A64 State-Licensed Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, Marijuana Testing Facilities, Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facility, Retail Marijuana Stores: A64 creates all of these entities, and the DOR is required to promulgate regulations for licensing procedures. Learn the risks and rewards of this business model, and how to be first in line to develop one of these new marijuana businesses.

2) A20: Colorado Medical Marijuana Regulation Act Amendment 20, passed in 2000, allows patients that have been diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition to possess 2 ounces of marijuana to cultivate six plants, with no more than 3 flowering at any time.

This seminar will cover the following business models allowed under A20:
– Medical Marijuana Caregivers: A20 allows caregivers to provide marijuana for patients.
– State-Licensed Medical Marijuana Centers (MMC’s), Infused Products Manufacturers and Growers: In 2010, the state created a licensing procedure for medical marijuana businesses in HB1284. This statutory program does not have the protection of the Constitution, and therefore is subject to change at any time.
– Medical Marijuana Patient Collectives: Find out why the Patient Collective business model (protected by the Constitution) may actually offer more legal protection than the MMC model (protected only by statute).

3) Colorado Marijuana Statutes and Regulations
The state will probably model the new A64 marijuana programs after the existing medical marijuana regulations. The Department of Revenue Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) governs all medical marijuana regulations in the state. The MMED will soon become a new law enforcement entity: the MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division). The MED will oversee both the A20 and A64 marijuana programs. Learn what to expect from the MED.

4) Federal Law
The federal government believes that marijuana remains illegal under Federal Law. Learn the basics of state’s rights and the consequences of federal intervention into Colorado’s marijuana programs. Know the risks thoroughly before you embark on any marijuana-related business venture.

5) Other Topics
– Which offers more protection: A64 or A20?
– Cities and counties that have banned marijuana
– Confidentiality and Privacy Issues
– Cannabis political updates
– Lawsuit updates

Get all your questions answered and make sure you stay within the law!

Attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr. is one of the most experienced medical marijuana business attorneys in Colorado. Rob is the attorney for dozens of marijuana-based businesses in Colorado. He has been involved of hundreds of other cases concerning medical marijuana criminal law and return of confiscated property. His unique combination of a brilliance, ferocity and compassion makes him an invaluable asset to the cannabis community in Colorado and nationwide.

Rob also has extensive experience in defending medical marijuana patients in criminal cases. His victories include the case of Jason Lauve, who left a Boulder courtroom with 34 ounces of medicine after his acquittal by a jury in August 2009, and Frank Marzano, a medical marijuana patient and caregiver, who retrieved a truckload of confiscated growing equipment from the Loveland police after his win on appeal in 2011.

DISCLAIMER: This seminar is for educational purposes only and will not constitute legal advice for any individual case or situation. CTI’s instructors are all privately-contracted and do not necessarily represent the views of the Cannabis Therapy Institute. Always choose your lawyer wisely, and make sure you are always an active and informed participant in your legal situation.



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