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Marc's "Freedom Party" Back In Action for Ontario Election!

Dearest Jodie: That was a wonderful three day visit we just had, the only three day visitation weekend I'll have until Memorial Day next year, when you'll hopefully visit me again for the three day weekend. We took ten photographs today on Labor Day, and I'm hoping they turn out as well as we think they should. The next photo day is when you visit me on New Years Day, January 1st, 2012. By that day I'll be near the half-way mark of my sentence, and the downhill slide to my release day of July 9th, 2014 begins.

As of Labor Day today, I have 1,038 days to go in my sentence. The next milestone I'm excited about is October 14th, when its 999 days to go, down to three digits from four!

On your next visit to me on the weekend of September 17th and 18th, something special happens. Long ago, in my home province of Ontario in 1982, I founded a political party dedicated to individual liberty, freedom and limited but rational government. I know that seems like a contradiction in principles (government is never rational), but you know I have been an idealist all my life, and I always held that is was possible for limited, rational governance oriented around a strictly adhered to set of principles.

These principles were articulated by Ayn Rand, my great inspiration for my life since 1979, and other great philosophers in history such as Thomas Jefferson, Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig Von Mises, Frederick Hayek, Isabel Patterson, Lysander Spooner, and other great individuals whose outlook on government and life would be considered libertarian. That is, the answer to all crises is liberty and freedom, and that governments that respect and protect the liberty and free choices and free markets of its people is most faithful to the idea of 'governance with the consent of the governed.'

The name of that political party was The Freedom Party, and it has never gone away. It was quietly awaiting a renaissance since I departed its daily workings in 1989. Thirty years after it was founded by myself and a brilliant, wonderful man named Robert Metz, the Freedom Party renaissance is happening now.

In Ontario, there is a provincial election on October 6th. There are the usual statist parties vying to bury the province of Ontario in a graveyard of debt, regulation, police empowerment, the dictates of the nanny state, prohibition, and decline, but there are now 65 candidates of the Freedom Party on the ballot in that election to challenge the status quo. By mid-September there may be more to contest the 109 ridings up for grabs in this election.

The Freedom Party candidates in this election are all opposed to the prohibition of cannabis, but significantly, over half of the candidates under the Freedom Party banner are activists from the cannabis culture! Our people have invigorated this party I co-founded, under the inspired leadership of an incredible man of vision and principle, Paul McKeever, into a contender of a political party.

Paul McKeever, whose blogs I have enjoyed while I have been incarcerated for my 18 months now (he is one of my 30 Corrlinks prison "email" contacts), is a constant correspondent of mine, and, incredibly, for a man I have never met in person, the producer and director of the definitive video-biography of my life, The Principle of Pot (watch it at

Paul is a dedicated and articulate activist politician determined to bring liberty and freedom to the people of Ontario. I love Paul, I cannot endorse anyone more than him to protect the fundamental rights of liberty and all that entails in Canada. Ontario voters are incredibly lucky to have a great yet humble man like Paul McKeever as the leader of an Ontario political party that is on the ballot for Ontario citizens to support October 6th.

The Freedom Party has a moneybomb fundraiser on Saturday, September 17th, in just a few short days. Political campaigns require money. Chris Goodwin, perhaps one of my greatest proteges in this movement for liberty, this cannabis culture, is a candidate in this Ontario provincial election. He has recruited dozens of candidates to the Freedom Party campaign and is organizing a 24-hour online fundraiser moneybomb from midnight Friday, September 16th to 11:59 pm Saturday, September 17th.

Click here for information about WHERE to watch the LIVE event online and HOW to donate!

I know you will give some money to them, to support the party I founded long ago. It's vital you show as much support as possible to uplift the wonderful members of the cannabis culture who are Freedom Party candidates, as well as the others who are running with Freedom Party because they have a passion for liberty and a thirst to make that a reality in Ontario.

I hope you will encourage as many other people as you can to watch, participate and donate to this moneybomb. I know Chris Goodwin has an incredible show planned, webcast for 24 hours live. The owner of Vapor Central has generously committed to donating the revenue of VC from that day to the Freedom Party campaign. I hope our supporters will be generous to the cause of liberty, and donate that day. I am so proud of them for what they are doing, and all Canadians can participate in enriching their chances in this election campaign.

The Freedom Party isn't just about freeing the cannabis culture, they're about freedom for all! Go to for information.

Thank you for everything you do for me and others, my sweet wife. And thank you to everyone who has supported me during this ordeal, with letters, mailed photos, books, and donations to my commissary. I'm looking forward to returning to Canada and helping restore liberty when Canada will need it most.

Yours, always,

MARC EMERY #40252-086
P.O. BOX 5888

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