Marijuana Activist Marc Emery Rallies Voters

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Marc Emery's Plea To Canadian Voters

Remember the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989? After 38 years, it just came down; no one predicted it. History was made by people making history, peaceful history, defying the powerful despots of East Germany. Then all the other Eastern European commissars and dictators were cast aside into the 'dustbin of history' within a year of that momentous but unanticipated event. Who knew the power of removing another brick from a wall?

Tunisia and Egypt recently threw out their tyrants through people power and the internet, and just being brave. The wave of freedom is hard to stop once it starts.

In Canada, we are about to see a historical event happen this Monday May 2nd, days away. We are about to see what could be the New Democratic Party government of Canada, relegating the tyrant Stephen Harper and his evil Conservatives to that same dustbin where other tyrants lay obsolete and despised.

But this history requires you to take action on Monday May 2nd. It requires you to be part of history, part of the wave of freedom. The NDP Members of Parliament supported my repatriation back to Canada in a letter to the US Department of Justice. The US Department of Justice ignored a letter from opposition Members of Parliament on April 6 when they refused my transfer back to Canada. NDP MP Libby Davies has said, speaking at Vancouver's April 20 15,000-strong rally, that she will never stop trying to bring me back to Canada. She will never stop opposing the drug war. She praises compassion clubs and railed against Bill S-10 (mandatory prison for pot) and promised decriminalization if the NDP is in power.

Well, now, in a historical energy never before massed, the NDP is running even with the Conservatives in some polls and may supersede them in momentum and votes in the days leading up to election day on Monday, May 2nd, only days and hours away. Think about it: your vote on Monday could put a permanent end to the Conservative prison-military proposals, the mandatory minimum jail sentences for as few as six plants. Your vote on Monday could rid Canada of the worst tyrant in the history of our beloved Canada.

In Canada, we don't make change with guns, rockets, bombs; we do it with ballots. And on Monday, I invite you to make history. Vote like your life really does depend on it. Freedom is in the balance. Legalization vs. Mandatory Minimums. Me being brought home soon by an NDP government vs. me in the US gulag at Harper's pleasure. It’s all possible if you take a few hours out of your Monday to strike a blow for liberty, freedom, peace and justice. Please vote — my freedom, literally, and yours, hangs in the balance. History, depending on your decision to take action, and those of your friends and neighbours, is ready to be made.

Tunisia, Egypt, and now Canada! An end to tyrants and a restoration of justice! History on Monday! Make it happen! Vote!

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All power to the Canadian Cannabis Culture!
With greatest respect and excitement,
Yours in liberty,
Marc Emery

P.S. I am still as libertarian as I ever have been. The NDP, however, is the most preferable of all the viable political parties to bring about an end to the cannabis prohibition, to legalize medical marijuana and compassion clubs, to reform the RCMP, to run an honest, transparent government, and to reverse the corruption fostered under the Harper Conservatives.

The NDP will scrutinize the wasteful spending on military planes and wars in Libya and Afghanistan. The NDP will bolster our civil liberties while Harper has taken them away. A Layton government will have devoted civil rights advocates in MP's Libby Davies and Thomas Mulclair. The Layton government will certainly not raise taxes for the middle class, and it’s likely we will see much less corporate welfare. An NDP government will halt the prison building frenzy started by Stephen Harper, and abandon mandatory-minimum jail sentences for cannabis as was vigorously promoted by the Harper government.

I find the contrast between the dictatorial, theocratic Stephen Harper and his sycophantic MPs and Jack Layton's much wider and vocal intellectual pool of potential MPs far more consistent with the diverse views in Canada's multi-ethnic, multi-opinionated people. There is not a single area of governance where Stephen Harper is preferable to Jack Layton, and there are many areas of Harper's agenda and governance that are outright evil, wasteful, and simply wrong for Canada.

Marc Emery's Plea to Vote on May 2nd