January 8, 2010

Marijuana Policy in America

January 8, 2010

It is detrimental to American society to keep our current policy on marijuana. It is considered to be a level one narcotic by the federal government, decriminalized in certain states, some states you can have a medical card, and even then, medical states differ greatly on their programs and laws that pertain to them. This leaves a tremendous amount of loopholes for the black-market, it is extremely hard to tax/regulate, and the problem is growing exponentially. I KNOW THAT PEOPLE WANT AN ALL OUT LEGALIZATION, BUT COME ON FOLKS!!! Politics is an incremental game. You can’t get a 100% victory out of nowhere. Supporters would have to pick their battles and over time legalization would come due to momentum in popular support and several smaller laws. NO FEDERAL LEVEL POLITICIAN IS GOING TO RISK THEIR CAREER TO FIGHT FOR A CAUSE THAT IS SUCH A RADICAL CHANGE WITH NO GUARANTEED RETURN. Face the truth; stoners don’t vote consistently, and fighting on behalf of a voting bloc that doesn’t exist would be political suicide. So what do we do? As someone that wants a functional, safe system, I ask the question; WHAT REALISTIC OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE???? I look forward to seeing the comments.


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