September 24, 2013

Michigan Legislators: Tax And Regulate Marijuana To Help State Budget

September 24, 2013
michigan medical marijuana town hall

michigan marijuana legislators tax and regulateBy Chris Lindsey, Marijuana Policy Project

Michigan is struggling to pay for much-needed road repair costs, and at least one Republican legislator has a solution: tax and regulate marijuana for adults. And he’s sharing that message with others in the GOP.

If you agree that a taxed and regulated system can help pay infrastructure costs, let your senator and representative know!

In a recent interview with Michigan Public Radio, Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville), supports the idea, saying the state could put the revenue “into a separate fund for Michigan roads – because it doesn’t seem like that money is going to come from anywhere else at this point in time.”

According to the Washington State Office of Financial Management, state government will bring in between $560 to $606 million each year from its own regulatory program. Those figures do not include eliminating costs devoted to policing, prosecuting, and incarcerating adults for a substance the majority of Americans think should be legal.

Please email your legislators and share your support for a sensible, taxed, and regulated approach to marijuana sales for adults.

And share this message with friends, family, and supporters in Michigan!


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