April 23, 2010

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients Targeted By County Sheriffs, DEA

April 23, 2010

Last week, two medical marijuana patients were arrested by Saginaw County sheriff’s deputies and the DEA. Saginaw County Sheriffs say the couple were running an illegal marijuana operation out of their home. The sheriff’s office said the homeowners were registered medical marijuana users, but they were exceeding state guidelines. The couple said the marijuana they grew was for medical purposes and not yet been charged, pending further investigation. Roberts said the confiscated drugs were being used to treat people suffering from cancer and other conditions protected by Michigan’s medical marijuana program. Even if the couple manage to get the charges dropped, they face the certain loss of all the marijuana that was meant specifically to go to sick people who need it most, in addition to what will certainly be some hefty legal bills. The plants seized in the raid are being tested by the State police crime lab and the cases have been turned over to the Saginaw County prosecutor.

John Roberts, 48, of Thomas Township, said the growing of the marijuana and its use by patients was legal under Michigan Law. A recently passed state law allows those who qualify for a medical marijuana permit to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana and 12 plants per patient. The participation by the DEA is causing a bit of an uproar and many in Michigan are wondering if they will see a repeat of the insanity and paranoia that is felt by medical patients in Colorado and California who operate legally under state laws but still live in fear of the federal government. Only time will tell.

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