November 27, 2015

Montana Jury Candidates Refuse To Convict Anyone For Marijuana Possession

November 27, 2015
Jury Nullification

There is a weapon against marijuana prohibition that many American citizens don’t know that they have at their disposal. It can be used in states that have not reformed their marijuana laws, and don’t have medical or recreational marijuana legalization on the books. It’s like kryptonite. That weapon is jury nullification.

Jury nullification occurs when a jury refuses to convict someone of something because they consider the law that was broken to be an unjust law. That’s what recently happened in Montana, where a court couldn’t even put a jury together for a marijuana possession case because so many potential jurors stated in advance that they would never support convicting someone of personal marijuana possession. See the video below. Imagine if every juror in a marijuana case did this?


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