National Cannabis Industry Association Congratulates Alaska, DC, And Oregon


From earlier this week:

national cannabis industry association ncia arizona

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) tonight congratulated the voters of Oregon and Alaska for choosing to take a smarter approach to marijuana by creating legal, taxed, and regulated access to cannabis for adults. NCIA also celebrated the victory of Washington, D.C.'s decisive support of legalization for adult use.

"Voters in Oregon and Alaska have wisely rejected the failed policies of prohibition, and now they'll reap the benefits of a legal, taxed, and regulated market for marijuana," said NCIA executive director Aaron Smith. "That means safe products, responsible and transparent business practices, increased tax revenues and job creation, and smarter priorities for law enforcement.

"And in our nation's capital, voters demanded legalization by a huge margin and laid the foundation for the city council to develop a taxed and regulated system.

"Even in Florida, where efforts fell just short of the 60% support needed, we saw a strong majority vote to allow patients to have access to medical marijuana.

"These successes are another indication that Americans increasingly believe there is a better way to approach cannabis. Congratulations to Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, D.C., for helping lead the nation toward that better way."

Source: National Cannabis Industry Association