June 4, 2012

New York Gov. Cuomo Will Put Before Lawmakers A Bill To Legalize Small Amounts Of Marijuana

June 4, 2012
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It looks like Gov. Andrew Cuomo from N.Y. is finally waking up and smelling the sweet scent of common sense. Gov. Cuomo will put before the New York state lawmakers, first thing Monday morning, a bill to legalize the ownership of small amounts of marijuana. In an epiphany of common sense, or from the public lashing he has taken recently over the disparity between those being prosecuted on marijuana charges. One does not have to look far, or hard at the history of N.Y. City’s arrest rates to find that minorities have been unfairly targeted.

Representatives, on behalf of minority districts in N.Y. City, compelled the (D) N.Y. Gov. to do something to right this injustice! Beyond upset, so many young people have been jammed head first into the (career) meat grinder of today’s legal system. The local representatives convinced Cuomo that today’s N.Y. City youth needs real justice, if they hope to have any chance for a decent future job scenario, which is currently being crushed by overbearing and out of date marijuana laws.

Gov. Cuomo jumped on this grenade of an issue — and just might find himself doing battle with the current three term Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

Cuomo’s newly cultivated outlook is the direct result of an order put forth last fall by police chief Raymond Kelly for his police officers to turn a blind eye to any small marijuana possession cases. More often than not, many of these encounters are created as young men are being detained by the police for a myriad of reasons, once the marijuana is discovered – they get a criminal record and that criminal record is a life sentence to a life mediocrity at best.

Article from Marijuana.com and republished with permission.


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