January 22, 2010

No Medical Marijuana Limits In California?

January 22, 2010
Marijuana and blood pressure are related.

The California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that ANY limit on medical marijuana amounts is unconstitutional (see story). Senate Bill 420 was enacted in 2003, which set a limit of 8 ounces, 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants. In the bill was a provision to allow counties and cities to set higher limits if they desired. But that was all changed Thursday, when the Supreme Court essentially stated that patients can possess and grow whatever it takes to alleviate their conditions.

The most interesting part of this story, to me, is the blatant stupidity by the California Attorney General. California Attorney General Jerry Brown said in a statement the decision “confirms our position that the state’s possession limits are legal” as applied to medical marijuana cardholders. TALK ABOUT SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS!

So what are the ramifications for American marijuana law, and public policy? From what I can tell, until the original bill is amended, which is extremely hard in the State of California (requiring a ‘super majority’), people can grow as much as they need to ‘alleviate their symptoms.’ I think I need to move South, as my tendinitis is really, really starting to flare up. It might take a truckload to ‘alleviate my symptoms!’



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