October 20, 2012

Oregon Measure 80 Phone Banking

October 20, 2012
phone bank oregon measure 80

phone bank oregon measure 80Help End Marijuana Prohibition In Oregon One Phone Call At A Time

Oregonians for Law Reform has teamed up with the popular progressive blog Firedoglake, and their marijuana centric campaign called “Just Say Now”; to set up a phone banking platform for volunteers to call Oregon voters and encourage them to vote yes on Measure 80.

Time is running out for supporters of Measure 80. Ballots have begun to go out, and should be in the hands of all voters by the middle of next week. The polls are extremely close in Oregon, with roughly 1 in 5  voters remaining undecided. According to Oregonians for Law Reform, their phone bank is up and running as of Thursday, and will remain in operation until the polls close on November 6th. They hope a few weeks of contacting voters will help to shift some undecideds to to “Yes” votes.

“We believe that the biggest challenge before election day is letting voters know Measure 80 is on the ballot. Oregonians overwhemingly support the general idea of legalizing marijuana, because they understand that prohibition has failed to protect our kids and has overstretched our public safety resources.” said Sam Chapman, Co-Director of Oregonians for Law Reform.

For those interested in lending a hand by making calls to voters down the home stretch, you are encouraged to go www.OregonLawReform.com. From there volunteers will be able to follow a link to the phone bank dashboard.

Volunteers can then login using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or they can create an account. Once they create an account or login, simply click “CALL Voters for OR’s Measure 80″ and volunteers will be given a step by step script, and the information for a registered voter in Oregon. Once they’ve contacted a voter, they then record the responses in the database.

Oregonians for Law Reform aims to get at least 200 people to volunteer two hours before November 6th, in hopes of reaching as many as 10,000 Oregon voters.

“Measure 80 may seem like a long shot, but we’re hopeful that if enough people get to work in the next few weeks, we just might surprise some people”, said Chapman.

oregon measure 80 phone bank oregonians for law reform


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