October 4, 2011

‘Pardon Marc Emery Petition’ Earns Official Obama Response

October 4, 2011
free marc emery

free marc emeryThe Obama Administration will be issuing a formal response to a petition calling for Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery to be pardoned and released from American prison.


The White House recently launched the We The People website for Americans to submit petitions on any issue. The Obama Administration said they will issue a formal response to any petition signed by 5,000 people in 30 days.

Having reached the goal in just nine days, the Pardon Marc Emery petition will receive an official reply from the White House. Only 36 petitions out of hundreds have reached the threshold.

“Marc is a political prisoner stolen from his home country for the crime of financing cannabis activism in the USA and Canada through selling seeds,” Marc’s wife Jodie said.

“There was widespread opposition to his extradition in the first place, and now we’re demonstrating that thousands of people want Marc to be freed and sent home to Canada.”

Cannabis and drug policy issues are popular on the petition site, with half of the top ten petitions being on marijuana, hemp and drug policy issues.

Marc wrote to Jodie, “I’m elated over getting 5,000+ signatures in nine days.” He is currently in Yazoo City medium-security prison in Mississippi, and has just under three years left to serve in his sentence until his early release date of July 9, 2014.

Article From Cannabis Culture and republished with special permission.


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