Portland City Club Committee Backs Oregon Marijuana Legalization Initiative


I grew up less than an hour away from Portland, Oregon. It's the largest city in Oregon by far, and is a fun place to visit. There are too many hipsters there for my liking, but other than that, it's a fantastic city. When it comes to marijuana, Portland, Oregon might be the most underrated city in America. The marijuana there is second to none based off of my experiences, and I've smoked a lot of marijuana from a lot of places in my day.

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Oregon voters are going to be voting on marijuana legalization during the 2014 Election. Oregon is joined by Alaska and Washington D.C.. All three efforts have a great chance of winning on Election Day. The New Approach Oregon campaign, which is the campaign behind Oregon's legalization efforts, received yet another endorsement this week, this time coming from a Portland City Club committee. Per Oregon Live:

A City Club of Portland study committee announced Thursday that it is backing the marijuana legalization measure on the November ballot. But one of the committee members, Oregon Lottery Commission Chair Elisa Dozono said the state should move more slowly and carefully on legalizing recreational use of the drug.

The report from the study committee, which the City Club will vote on Wednesday, argues that the initiative establishes a workable framework for regulating legal production, sales and use of marijuana.

The endorsement by the committee is not a full endorsement by the Portland City Club. However, I'd expect a full endorsement to be looming. Marijuana legalization and regulation is the right move for not only Portland, but for the entire state of Oregon. Marijuana prohibition has failed in Oregon, and it's clearly time for a new approach.