October 8, 2012

Register To Vote For Marijuana

October 8, 2012
vote for marijuana

register to vote for marijuana colorado amendment 64If You Are Not Registered, You Cannot Vote For Colorado Amendment 64

By Brian Vicente, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

All the recent polls say that about 50% of Colorado’s voters will vote Yes on Amendment 64. We have the lead, but it’s going to be so close that we cannot take even one vote for granted — including yours.

We cannot make history and end marijuana prohibition in Colorado without you. Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote, so register today: it’s easy, and you can do it online in just a couple of minutes.

Click here to register to vote online and confirm your registration status.

If you haven’t registered to vote before, you’ll need to register to have your vote count. If you’ve changed addresses since the last time you’ve voted, you’ll need to register again.

In fact, even if you think you are registered, please go through the process on the website — we’ve heard reports of voters surprised to find they’ve been moved into the state’s list of inactive voters simply for not voting in the 2010 election.

Already made sure you’re registered? Great! Be sure to spread the word. Forward this email to every Coloradan you know. Then spread the word on Facebook and post to Twitter.

This historic policy change is in your hands. Take a few minutes today to make sure we win on Election Day.


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