May 1, 2015

Release People Behind Bars For Nonviolent Marijuana Offenses In Oregon

May 1, 2015
jail prison daniel chong dea

jail prison daniel chong deaOregon voters passed a marijuana legalization initiative on Election Day 2014. It was the largest margin of victory ever for a statewide marijuana legalization vote. While it’s great that marijuana legalization will become a reality in Oregon in July, it still doesn’t address the issue of people being locked up for non-violent marijuana offenses. I received a message from the Bus Project yesterday, which involved a petition calling for the release of marijuana prohibition prisoners in Oregon. Below is the e-mail, and I encourage all Oregon readers to sign the petition:

This is outrageous. At least some of the 200 people behind bars for nonviolent marijuana offenses should be let out. And nobody should be burdened with criminal records and fines because of obsolete marijuana offenses. But the two bills that would start the process to change this — Senate Bill 364 and House Bill 3372 — don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Sign this petition.

  2. Forward this email and ask your friends to do the same.

  3. Share the petition — — on social media with the hashtag #FreshStartOregon.

Lawmakers have made it clear they’re not going to make this issue a priority unless we can show them these changes have major support. Our petition has gotten 1,331 signatures so far, which is a great start, but we need your help to get many more.


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