September 18, 2012

Rep. Blumenauer Endorses Marijuana Legalization, But Not Measure 80

September 18, 2012
Earl Blumenauer measure 80

New PAC Oregonians For Law Reform Plans To Press Congressman On His Position

Portland, OR – In a recent online town hall, Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer once again endorsed statewide efforts to ‘reevaluate our marijuana laws’, but fell short of a full endorsement of the ballot measure that aims to do exactly that.

A newly formed political action committee (PAC) called Oregonians for Law Reform took the initiative to pose the following question in hopes of generating a positive endorsement for Measure 80.

oregonians for law reform earl blumenauer

Blumenauer responded with the following:

Earl Blumenauer measure 80 response


With just 8 full weeks until election day, Oregonians for Law Reform plans to hold Oregon politicians accountable on their marijuana related stances. They argue that with legalization on the ballot in three states, marijuana has become a mainstream issue, and should be treated as such.

“The fact that politicians continue tell us time and time again that the laws surrounding marijuana have failed, but refuse to endorse actually legislation that would solve many of the problems caused by marijuana prohibition is nothing new”, said Sam Chapman Co-Director of Oregonians for Law Reform.

There have been two notable endorsements from elected officials for Measure 80 as of late. Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard, who of course will not be seeking reelection after his term ends, threw his name in support. As well as State Representative Peter Buckley, Co-Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee who said current marijuana laws make “absolutely no sense”.

“We understand that coming out in favor of marijuana legalization is a delicate issue, and we want politicians to recognize that we are here to help them evolve their stances on marijuana in a manner that will appeal to mainstream voters”, said Chapman.


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