October 29, 2012

Respect Voters – Let States Decide Their Own Marijuana Laws

October 29, 2012
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dpa election dayWe Need Your Help To Legalize Marijuana On Election Day

By Jasmine Tyler, Acting Director, Office of National Affairs, Drug Policy Alliance

On Election Day, the citizens of Colorado, Oregon and Washington will vote whether to legalize marijuana in their states. And in Arkansas, Massachusetts and Montana, voters will have the opportunity to pass medical marijuana initiatives. But hardliners in the federal government are standing in the way of marijuana reform.

Our opponents are so afraid that the public will vote to legalize marijuana that they are pressuring the Department of Justice to oppose states’ marijuana legalization ballot initiatives. Former heads of the DEA and drug czars are trying to scare voters away from legalization. They’re arguing that even if voters pass the ballot measures, marijuana will remain criminalized under federal law. But states can and should use their authority to end these failed marijuana policies.

A bill in Congress could allow states to decide their own marijuana laws once and for all. Write your representative today! This groundbreaking bill will let states and voters decide their own marijuana policies without the threat of federal interference.

This election could be a game-changer for our movement when citizens in Colorado, Oregon and Washington vote on marijuana legalization ballot initiatives next week. But our opposition is standing in the way of reform and will do anything they can to block marijuana legalization.

Voters should be able to make their own decisions without being threatened by federal drug war proponents and their desperate scare tactics. That’s why we need your help to ensure nothing stands in the way of states voting to legalize marijuana next week.

Tell your legislators to end the federal war on marijuana and allow states to decide their own marijuana laws – free from federal interference.

Together, we can legalize marijuana and make history on Election Day.


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