November 21, 2012

Sensible Washington Announces Goals Going Forward

November 21, 2012
Sensible Washington i502

Sensible Washington i502Sensible Washington announced the following goals on their Facebook page:

As we move forward, here are some of our goals for reform:

— Repealing or altering the new DUID law, bringing back impairment as the standard for guilt.
— Establishing arrest protection for patients.
— Legalizing individual homegrowing.
— Descheduling cannabis, removing it as a controlled substance under state law.
— Promoting hemp and its many uses, and working to raise the new 0.3% or lower THC standard to a level that more appropriately matches the average amount of THC found in hemp.
— Continuing to build and grow our network of volunteers as we work towards meaningful reform, and an end to our failed war on drugs.

Washington State experienced infighting among it’s marijuana community on a level I have never seen before leading up to the election. I hope that people are able to put their differences aside in Washington and move forward on these goals. Regardless of what people thought (or think) about I-502, there is definitely still work to be done, and I look forwarding to helping ALL organizations that are fighting for marijuana reform, just as I did during the election.


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