Sponsor Students To Go To SSDP's Board And Staff Summit In Washington DC


I will say it over and over until my fingers can't type anymore, I LOVE STUDENTS FOR SENSIBLE DRUG POLICY. They do outstanding work, and it's important work too, as college students provide a vital voice to the marijuana reform movement. In my home state of Oregon and beyond, I have personally witnessed members of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) help win elections and create positive change in this world. I know that if they had more support, they would do even bigger things. Please consider donating to them today. Below is a message I recently received from SSDP:

students for sensible drug policy ssdp

My name is Graham de Barra.

I have had the privilege to serve on the Board of Directors of Students for Sensible Drug Policy for over a year now. As the only current Board member from outside the United States, I have been humbled and honored to represent US chapters, my own chapter in Ireland, and dozens of other chapters from the most marginalized regions of the world.

As you know, the War on Drugs is a global problem. Its harms are not confined within our domestic borders, and for our movement to succeed it must achieve global reform.

To achieve this goal, it's imperative that we actively reach out and engage with students all over the world. This includes training chapter leaders to develop skills in fighting the imprudent War on Drugs, so they can take this knowledge home with them to their own country. We also strive to give a voice to those most impacted by the Drug War by involving a diverse group of students in the crafting of our strategic plan.

This plan is crafted at our annual Board and Staff Summit in Washington DC, but unfortunately, many students cannot afford to pay for travel out of pocket. Therefore, to help get them to the Summit, we are seeking donations towards travel scholarships for attendees with financial need.

By donating $25 (or €25) to our scholarship fund today, you will help students from our vast network come together and have this tremendous opportunity.

Domestic donations can be made online here. International donations can be made to ssdp@ssdp.org via PayPal.

Thank you for your generous support.