July 1, 2012

Springfield, Missouri Needs Your Help To Decriminalize Cannabis

July 1, 2012
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missouri marijuanaCan You Help Decriminalize Marijuana Possession In Springfield, Missouri?

Doug Burlison is a member of Springfield’s city council and a leader in bringing sensible cannabis laws to his city and Missouri as a whole. He has introduced measures to end the arrest of cannabis users to the city council, but has been met with resistance from his fellow council members. Consequently, he is serving as council liaison on Show-Me Cannabis Regulation’s initiative to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana in Springfield, and he is asking for your help today:

Local activists have started an initiative in Springfield to prohibit the arrest and incarceration of people who are found in possession of small amounts of cannabis. This first step towards true justice on this issue is critical in moving forward, not just in Springfield, but as an example to the rest of the state as well. This may also be the last opportunity for an initiative like this here, whereas in August, Springfield citizens will be presented with the question of requiring a larger number of signatures to get a measure on the ballot. If approved, that requirement will make it much more difficult to reach the threshold that enables people to voice their opinion with their vote. Long story short, the time is now.

Your help is needed to garner the resources necessary in gathering signatures quickly, and to educate the voting public, should we be successful in getting certified for the ballot. As a citizen of Springfield, who also represents many of the city’s residents on the city council, I would ask for your support in any way you see fit. Your help with finances, gathering signatures, and issuing statements to our local media will help to make this a successful campaign come Election Day in November.
Again, I would remind you that the clock is ticking, and the foundation has already been laid to engage this issue. It will be an uphill battle, but the support for a measure like this is growing locally. Will you be part of the team that makes this happen? I, and many others in this city hope you consider doing just that — and help to bring common sense to the way the law is enforced in Springfield, Missouri.

You can support Doug and all the other activists in Springfield by donating to their efforts during our Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Money Bomb on Tuesday, July 3rd. As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence, we must remember that the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence are trampled upon daily as a consequence of cannabis prohibition.

Please help us raise $1,000 to ensure that cannabis users in Springfield will no longer be threatened with the loss of liberty because of how they pursue happiness by donating this coming Tuesday!

Thanks in advance for doing your part to change bad marijuana policies in Missouri!

In solidarity,

The Show-Me Cannabis Regulation Team


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