June 17, 2012

Stephen Colbert: “Will Stoners Decide Our Next President?”

June 17, 2012
Colbert bonghit

Colbert bonghitby Johnny Dank

Stephen Colbert — political satirist, comedian, host/actor, soothsayer…

President Obama (D) and Mitt Romney (R) have five more months of head to head combat until the election. The latest polls are out — these two jugger-nuts are neck and neck — with one trying to out-duel the other.

This is the exact same situation in the 04’ election, Colbert observed yesterday. In 2004, the initiative on the ballot in 11 states was the dicey topic of ant-gay-marriage. This served to boost the conservative turn-out and helped seal the deal for George W. Fast-forward 2012 — Democrats are now confident that the marijuana issue will mirror that of the anti-gay-marriage agenda back in ’04. Colorado, Ohio and Michigan will have marijuana legalization initiatives on their ballots this upcoming November. Will the young generation of voters help turn-the-tide in favor of Obama? The Democrats are crossing their fingers…

Marijuana support is at a record-high, just like its supporters,” joked the Colbert Report host.” This is the ultimate grassroots campaign.” Are we in a situation where America’s 2012 election will be put on the hands of the stoner? Even though humorous, Colbert wasn’t totally on board. In a blithe manner, Colbert facetiously said, “We all know pot smokers are highly motivated, organized and punctual….There is nothing they would love more than getting off the couch, putting on pants, and going to gyms packed with judgmental old people.”

Note to Romney: Contact the Discovery Channel — “Planet Earth” marathon. That’s what the “conservative-political-pundit” suggests.

Tune in folks to see if Colbert’s crystal ball is foretelling the future

Article from Marijuana.com and republished with permission.


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