July 26, 2012

The Clock Is Ticking For Springfield Marijuana Reform Initiative

July 26, 2012
signature gathering marijuana reform initiative

signature gathering marijuana reform initiativeMarijuana Reform Initiative In Springfield Still Needs Signatures

See below for an important message from Maranda Reynolds of SMCR and Springfield Cannabis Regulation:

Springfield Cannabis Regulation has turned in 3,050 signatures on the petition to decriminalize cannabis possession in their city so far. Yesterday, the city clerk notified the group that her office has processed 1,952 of those signatures and found 936 of them to be valid, for a validity rate of just under 48 percent. That is below the 50 percent validity rate we had expected, but not uncommon for a local initiative of this nature.

The campaign now has nine days to turn in enough signatures to reach 2,101 valid signatures. Given our current validity rate, that will require another 1,500 signatures. Between the professional company we are working with and our volunteers, we know of around 500 signatures that have been collected but not turned in to the city clerk. We have also contracted for an additional 800 signatures, but we had to increase the price we are paying per signature because there are numerous petition drives across the country that are entering the final stretch and thus driving up the price of signatures.

In short, we are confident the campaign will successfully put decriminalization before Springfield’s city council, and, if they do not pass it, before the city’s voters in November. However, if you want to help decriminalization in Springfield, the time is now! If you are registered to vote in Springfield and have not yet signed the petition, contact me now to find out where to sign. If you live in the area or just happen to be there over the next nine days, I can also provide you with petitions so you can gather signatures yourself. Finally, if you cannot give your time, please donate now and help pay for the campaign.


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