September 12, 2010

What is Next for Marc Emery the Prince of Pot

September 12, 2010
marc emery

As everyone learned on Friday, Marc Emery was sentenced to five years in United States federal prison. The sentence has resulted in some media outlets stating that the last chapter of his political career and activism has closed. The Vancouver Sun reported, “It was a sad emotional end to a 30-year public career by the staunch libertarian most Canadians considered a benign and charismatic political prankster.” These same wishful thinkers in the media have even dubbed Marc Emery the ‘Prince of Prison.’

The fact of the matter is Marc Emery, and his supporters, are far from the point of giving up. The Montreal Gazette reported, “If Emery does get a treaty transfer to Canada, he could be on day parole as early as next summer and full parole by November 2011…” Emery’s wife Jodie stated later in the article that Marc will “pass the time behind bars writing an autobiography and working on a Canadian voters’ guide to the federal election.” That doesn’t sound like a guy that plans on ending his 30 year political activism career, does it??

I think it’s safe to say that Marc Emery will emerge from prison stronger, with more support, and with more political passion than ever before. HE IS STILL the doobie defender, the Capone of cannabis, THE PRINCE OF POT. If the Canadian government wanted him to go away, the WORST thing they could have done was extradite him the US. He is getting closer to marijuana martyr status everyday (if he hasn’t already!), and when he is back in Canada, he is going to be an even harder force to deal with. When will he be back in Canada? Only time will tell. The max amount of time he will be gone is five years, but as the article states that I linked to above, he could be out on day parole in Canada as early as next summer…Conservative Canadians better be scared!!!

In the meantime, Marc’s wife Jodie will no doubt be a leader in the BC political scene, fighting for the same stuff that Marc Emery always did. There is a worldwide rally coming up this next week to support Marc Emery. To find out where the closest rally is to you, go to Cannabis Culture’s website!


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