April 28, 2013

Why Doesn’t ‘Will Of The People’ Apply To Marijuana Legalization?

April 28, 2013
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uncle sam marijuana federal colorado amendment 64 repeal taxesIn case you have been living under a rock since before the 2012 Election, Colorado voters decided that marijuana prohibition in the state was over. That’s right, via the democratic process, Colorado voters decided to legalize marijuana. Yet, somehow, someway, there is still a very realistic threat still lurking that could keep marijuana prohibition in place in Colorado. According to the Denver Post:

“The repeal would be linked to a measure on marijuana taxes that is expected to go before voters in November, according to legislators and advocacy groups involved in the discussions. The premise is that, if voters do not approve the taxes, then Amendment 64, the initiative passed just months ago to legalize marijuana, would be repealed. It’s also possible that voters would be given a choice of repealing marijuana legalization if the taxes don’t pass.”

So apparently, even though voters have already voted to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Colorado, there is a good chance that voters will have to do it once again. I am confident that Colorado voters will do the right thing, and vote for marijuana legalization, yet again, if they need to. But why do they need to? Is the Colorado Legislature currently working on a bill that would try to repeal alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals via some tax bill?

Between the federal government and the Colorado state government, I don’t understand what I’m missing. We do live in a democracy right? If this can happen in Colorado, what’s to stop it from happening in Washington? What’s to stop it from happening in any state that chooses to legalize marijuana in the future? Marijuana opponents know that putting as many hurdles and hoops in the way of marijuana legalization every step of the way reduces the chances of it becoming a fully implemented reality. It’s a time tested tactic in politics. If you live in Colorado, contact your legislators to let them know that you won’t stand for this. If you live in Washington, you might want to also contact your legislators as a precaution. Tell them to respect the will of the people!!!!


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