August 7, 2014

Why Is Marijuana Activist Marc Emery Still In Jail?

August 7, 2014
marc emery

marc emery

Marc Emery has been a marijuana activist for a long, long time. In 1995 Marc Emery created Cannabis Culture Magazine, which is how I originally learned about him. I was a huge, huge fan of Cannabis Culture growing up in the Pacific Northwest, and still have quite a few editions in my possession. One of my favorite things to do other than look at the pictures of nugs was to look at all the seeds you could buy via the magazine. It’s those seed sales that contributed to legal issues for Mr. Emery.

But it wasn’t the seed sales alone. It was the fact that Marc Emery sold seeds, and also used the funds from seed sales to fund marijuana reform efforts in the United States and Canada that caught the attention of the United States government. In documents that are shared on social media often, the United States government made it clear that they went after Marc Emery in a hope to stop his activist efforts, which were gaining quite a bit of momentum in North America. After charges were filed in the United States, and extradition was pursued, Marc Emery was sent to serve a long prison sentence in the United States in mid-2010.

The fact that Marc Emery was prosecuted for marijuana seeds sales is wrong. The fact that the Canadian government handed him over to the United States is also wrong. The fact that he sat in prison for so many years away from his loving wife Jodie is horrible. Even after Marc Emery served his prison sentence, which was complete four weeks ago, he is still sitting in jail waiting to be sent back to Canada. His wife Jodie has no idea how long he will be held. She just knows she will get 24 hours notice that he will finally be heading home and that she gets to wait without answers until then.

Marc Emery deserves to be home. He has served his time and then some. Jodie Emery deserves to have her husband back. I cannot wait to see what he does once he is free and back in Canada. The landscape of the marijuana world will no doubt change once he is back. I also cannot wait to see how he feels about the current state of the marijuana world. So much has changed since 2010 when he got locked up. There are now legal states in America. The industry is growing exponentially. It’s truly an exciting time to be involved with marijuana, and I can’t wait to hear what Marc has to say once he’s out and about taking it all in. Free Marc Emery!


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