Will Farmers Insurance Begin Insuring Marijuana Collectives And Retail Outlets?


Courtesy of The Joint Blog

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In what would be a huge step towards legitimizing and protecting the medical and recreational cannabis industries, Farmers Insurance in Seattle, Washington is in the process of establishing insurance programs for medical cannabis collectives; businesses planning to open for recreational sales under Initiative 502 may also apply.

These insurance programs will include things such "general liability, theft-break ins, product liability, business auto ( for those that transport to and from ) and employee protection", according to Chris McManus, a Washington State activist who recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Farmers Insurance representative Cary Randow; "Farmers Insurance is working diligently and quickly with the proper entities to offer insurance for collective owners and potentially #502 licensees", says McManus, who formerly worked as Pierce County Director for the nonprofit, pro-legalization group Sensible Washington, and is the chief proponent of Initiative 522, which would mandate GMO labeling and is being voted on this November in Washington State.

Farmers Insurance - which was formed in 1928 and has roughly 10 million customers - is one of the largest insurance agencies in the world.

We'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on this issue as it progresses.

Source: The Joint Blog

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