April 8, 2010

Will Stan Garnett be a Marijuana Friendly Attorney General

April 8, 2010

With Stan Garnett entering the Colorado Attorney General race, many marijuana advocates in Colorado are wondering how it would affect the movement if he was elected. One thing is for sure; he would be a lot better than the current John Suthers regime. Current Attorney General John Suthers did nothing when Full Spectrum Laboratories was raided by the DEA, even though the raid was completely ridiculous. He has done absolutely NOTHING to protect medical marijuana patients from prosecution, and in some cases, even encouraged it. Rather than take the lead on getting defined dispensary laws in Colorado (which is his job), he has let law enforcement take advantage of the grey areas.

Here is Stan Garnett’s opinion on fixing murky Colorado dispensary laws. “I would just like to see the problems with the current laws clarified outside of the context of a criminal prosecution, unlike many of my more conservative elected DA colleagues across the state, who are preparing to approach the issue quite aggressively by prosecuting dispensaries and seizing grow operations, actions I will not undertake. As everyone who has thought about these issues knows, it does no good to put our heads in the sand about how confusing the law is,” said Garnett.

Compare Stan Garnett’s quote with John Suthers’ approach. “Voters approved Amendment 20 with a very limited patient-caregiver scheme — and they voted overwhelmingly against legalization in 2006. They ought to have a crack on the ballot at deciding about dispensaries. We shouldn’t move to a dispensary system without voter approval. At least that’s where I’m coming from,” said Suthers. Sounds like someone would rather keep his head in the sand and let someone else fix the issue, rather than do his job! I recommend Colorado voters give John Suthers what he wants; for someone else to do his job, and who better than Stan Garnett?!

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