December 29, 2012

Will Your State Be The Next To Reform It’s Marijuana Laws?

December 29, 2012

legalize marijuana policy project tax regulate cannabisBy Rob Kampia, Executive Director, Marijuana Policy Project

Following the huge victories in Colorado and Washington on November 6, many people are asking, “What states will be next to enact measures to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol?” (We refer to these as “T&R” bills or initiatives.)

Here are the next seven states the Marijuana Policy Project will be pursuing:

1. ALASKA: We’ll capitalize on the nation’s strongest level of voter support with a T&R initiative in 2014.

2. RHODE ISLAND: We’re lobbying for a T&R bill in 2013 to follow up on successful bills to decriminalize marijuana possession (2012) and legalize medical marijuana (2009).

3. MAINE: We’re working with local activists to pass a T&R bill in the legislature in 2013. We will also pass local ballot measures in 2014 to build support for a potential statewide initiative in 2016.

4. OREGON: We have teamed up with leading activists to pass a T&R bill through the legislature in 2013, and we’ve begun to plan for a potential T&R ballot initiative in 2016.

5. CALIFORNIA: We’re working with local and national allies to build public support for a big T&R ballot initiative push in 2016.

6. MASSACHUSETTS: We will follow up on our successful 2008 decriminalization initiative and the successful 2012 medical marijuana initiative with a T&R initiative in 2016.

7. NEVADA: We will build on our 2002 and 2006 initiative efforts to pass a T&R initiative in 2016.

Passing these T&R measures is not easy. Just watch this short video to see how much work it took to bring about this year’s victory in Colorado.

Everything is trending in our direction, though, and we can replicate our success in Colorado in the seven states mentioned above. Can you please make a donation to MPP today and help us continue our work to end marijuana prohibition?

Thank you for your continued support.


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