Russell Brand Shines At Versus War On Drugs Debate

war on drugs

Versus War On Drugs Debate Full Video

The Versus 'War on Drugs Debate' snuck up on most Americans. In fact, I can't find many Americans that watched the Versus debate or even heard of it for that matter! For those of you that missed the war on drugs debate, the entire debate (first of many they say) is posted below. There were some things that stood out to me about this debate. First of all, the format was insane. There were way too many people involved, and as a result, no one got to thoroughly explain their stance. Instead, the multiple moderators just seemed to jump from person to person while each speaker said something pretty generic, and was cut off just as they were ramping up.

The other thing that stood out to me was how well Russell Brand did. When I heard the lineup of speakers and I heard Russell Brand's name, I didn't understand why they invited him. He's one of my favorite comedians, but I had reservations about how he would do in a serious debate. Russell Brand blew my mind! He shined in this debate more than others, and seemed to have better ideas than most, if not all, of the other speakers. This despite the weak debate format.