Colorado Town Finds THC In City's Water - Police Consider Foul Play

hugo colorado

Hugo, CO - A small Colorado town of about 800 residents, roughly 90 miles east of Colorado Springs, was rocked yesterday when tests confirmed residents had THC in their running water at home.

Local law enforcement agencies immediately send out a notification to the local community warning residents not to bathe, drink, or let their pets drink the water. Soon after, the Colorado Department of Health issued a similar statement. There have been no reported incidents of "high-like" symptoms from residents.

Concerns about the water contamination were first brought to light by a Hugo company that recently performs quick "field tests" for THC on it's employees. After many test results, the unidentified company was receiving inconsistent results. So, they decided to test a vial of tap water - expecting the test to come back negative. However, the test came back positive. As did six of ten of their next tests.

After notifying authorities, the water contamination was linked to a specific well in the area. When police entered the premises, they discovered signs of a forced entry into the site. However, no one could determine how long ago those damages occurred.

While law enforcement has every right to be concerned, the amount of THC it would take to fully get an entire city stoned is, "more product than any of could afford," Dr. John Fox, Lincoln County's health officer, said in a statement.

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