April 26, 2017

Highest Testing CBD Strain from Yerba Buena Farms in Oregon

April 26, 2017
Highest Testing CBD Strain

Corazon: Highest Recorded CBD Strain

The Weed Blog is excited to announce that one of Oregon’s premier cannabis farms, Yerba Buena, has released their highest testing CBD strain, “Corazon” (Spanish for “Heart”). This new strain is among the highest testing CBD strains and is an AC/DC cut. Testing at 22.5% CBD and 2.71% THC by Pixis Labs under Oregon’s ORELAP-certified testing regulations, the Corazon is definitely among  the highest recorded CBD content in history. As noted in the High Times article The Strongest Strains on Earth 2016, the highest recorded CBD test before Corazon was 20.8%.

Along with Corazon, Yerba Buena is releasing another rare high-CBD strain called Blue Dragon Desert Frost (BDDF). This strain tested at 19.7% CBD and 1.04% THC. A single seed of BDDF was gifted to the Farm by a patient when we were still growing for the medicinal market. They germinated that seed and, as luck would have it, found it was female and an incredible phenotype. They then immediately set about working it into their high-CBD catalogue.

“We are excited for the opportunity to create new genetic cultivar variations for a new emerging market. The future is bright!” said Casey Rivero, Cultivation Manager at Yerba Buena, while Yerba Buena’s Operations Manager, Laura Rivero added, “The development of cultivars that exhibit desirable physical characteristics, cultivation patterns, as well as unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles is something that excites us and that we strive to excel at. We are humbled to have the opportunity to work with these incredible genetics and this awesome plant.”

Years of in-house research and development have made it possible for Yerba Buena to be one of the first recreational producers to cultivate high-CBD strains (and now one of the highest testing CBD strains!) specifically for patients and those seeking less of a psychoactive effect. The first release of Corazon and Blue Dragon Desert Frost will be available exclusively at Oregon’s Finest, Farma, and in Portland, Oregon.

Emma Chasen is the General Manager at Farma and said, “Access to CBD-intensive cultivars is so important for all of our customers. CBD provides opportunity for people to experience a wide range of medicinal effects without the intoxication experience mediated by THC. The Corazon and Blue Dragon Desert Frost cultivated by Yerba Buena is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also medicinally potent. They have helped patients with anxiety, muscle pain, immune disorders, and so much more. Their presence on our shelf is very important!”

In addition to growing unique strains of cannabis, Yerba Buena is proud and honored to be setting a high standard for the cannabis business community through our compliance efforts, labor standards, and earth friendly cultivation practices. Yerba Buena boasts one of the most sustainable and advanced state-of-the-art production facilities in the United States today.

Even Ben Adams from Phylos Bioscience, an agricultural genomics company that uses modern molecular genetics and computational biology to help people understand cannabis, stated, “Yerba Buena Farms runs one of the cleanest grows I have ever seen. Their focus on plant metrics, an organized work environment, and the well-being of each and every employee is unparalleled. Consumers can be assured they are getting one of the best available products on the market. Their company is a prime case study for the industry in leading by example.”

Check out the highest testing CBD strain Corazon at the retailers mentioned above.


Yerba Buena, a Clean Green Certified cannabis producer, was granted one of the first 8 recreational license in the state of Oregon and made the first sale under the new regulations. Yerba Buena was the first cultivator to receive a rebate through the Energy Trust of Oregon for sustainability and energy conservation. Yerba Buena has been honored by the Oregon Business Magazine as one of their 100 Greenest Companies, and received the Dope Industry Award for Best Indoor Grow of 2016.

Yerba Buena’s lead cultivator is on the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) for the Research Innovation Institute (RII), an international organization setting sustainability standards and supporting the innovation of new sustainable technologies. Yerba Buena’s operations manager is on the board of the Ethical Cannabis Alliance (ECA), a national non- profit focused on creating a certification program for fair labor standards in the cannabis industry. Yerba Buena’s general manager is on the board of the Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA), the only statewide organization devoted to protecting and promoting the interests of the Oregon cannabis industry to state legislators.

Yerba Buena’s Mission:

Yerba Buena is committed to building one of the world’s finest and most innovative cannabis companies, creating a diverse and inclusive work environment where individuals can thrive, and sharing our success, culture, and passion with our employees, the communities we live in, and the planet.





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