September 21, 2014

Cannabis Is Why Conservatives Are Not Capitalists

September 21, 2014
GOP marijuana

GOP marijuanaBy John Knetemann

I would like to make it clear that this article is not representative of all conservatives, as there are even conservatives out there that don’t want to rain on someone else’s high, but I think it is fair to say a majority of conservatives on Capitol Hill are not in support of any kind of sensible or logical drug policy. I would also like to make it clear that this does not exclude Democrats or progressives, whose representatives in congress are equally bad in drug policy most of the time. However, there is something especially hypocritical on the conservative-side of anti-drug legislation.

Conservatives pride themselves on being against government regulation in the economy and being pro-free market. Rush Limbaugh, the face of conservatism on the radio, has said “So what is so strange about saying, ‘I want Barack Obama to fail,’ if his mission is to reconstruct and reform this nation so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? I want the country to survive. I want the country to succeed.”

The worst part about this is that I agree with him! But I actually believe in this statement, while Rush Limbaugh is only looking to incite progressives with such statements. If Rush Limbaugh, and all conservatives, actually want to support capitalism and the free-market, they should support complete marijuana legalization. This is the only logical position to take as a free-market advocate.

Conservatives will get up-and-arms about progressives limiting the economy and so-forth, but do they not do the same thing? Marijuana and industrial hemp are economic resources after all. It is easier to convince a conservative of the reasons industrial hemp should be legalized, but the same argument goes for medical and recreational marijuana. After all, legalizing marijuana is all about individual freedom, which is a cornerstone of the free-market.

By regulating and criminalizing marijuana use they take away American jobs, and we all know conservatives are all about ‘good American jobs.’ They have limited the resources of the doctors, the pharmacists, the entrepreneurs, the farmers, the security guards, the schools, the hospitals, and even the stoners! All these individuals could have a job and a place within the market if marijuana were legal. The marijuana industry in Colorado made $14 million just in the first month of legalization. That is a lot of money flowing through Colorado’s economy and stimulating employment. Not to mention, there are over 390 dispensaries in Denver, CO, which means a lot of new jobs. Must I go into the amount of head shops that give jobs to glass makers, salesmen, etc?

Whether or not marijuana usage is healthy or moral is beside the point here (however, there is evidence pointing to the health benefits of marijuana as well). The point is that marijuana regulation inhibits our economy. And if conservatives want to keep blasting progressives on their ‘pinko-commie’ economic regulation, which seems to be their favorite past time, then they will have to take a different stance on marijuana.

To this I say, way to be ‘dirty hippie liberals’, conservatives. Way to put good American jobs at risk. Way to cause unemployment. Way to support expansive government. And way to support a socialistic policy, which you supposedly hate so much. Damn hypocrites.


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