September 21, 2014

Consume Responsibly – What The Cannabis Community Needed

September 21, 2014
marijuana oatmeal cookies

marijuana oatmeal cookiesBy John Knetemann

Finally. For the love of sensible drug policy, Marijuana Policy Project has released a website and campaign that was much needed for legalization efforts and safe marijuana usage. is MPP’s new project for ensuring safe smoking. The website is stacked with facts on marijuana laws, knowing marijuana concentration, and the to-dos and not-to-dos when smoking.

Seriously, though. This website is amazing. People always make it seem as if drug reformers and legalization supporters are irresponsible individuals that want to just do a ton of drugs. Yet, this is not even close to the case. Drug reform is all about safety. It is all about creating policy that will actually aim to protect the well-being of the nation’s citizens. Legalization of marijuana is about harm reduction from alcohol or irresponsible marijuana usage.

This is along the same lines of MPP’s earlier book Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink? (Which is a book that I would highly recommend, by the way). The Marijuana Policy Project argues that the pathway to legalization is the “marijuana is safer” message. This is something I whole heartedly agree with. When it comes to my conversations I have with others, I have found that people are more receptive of this message than the “let people do what they want” message or other arguments for marijuana legalization.

With that in mind, is the next big push for this message. I would argue that is what is needed to continue the push for marijuana legalization.


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