July 15, 2015

Educate, Conversate, And Wake And Bake

July 15, 2015
lifted portland medical marijuana

lifted portland medical marijuanaFrom our friends at Lifted:

Last Lifted Blog, we spoke of our booming cannabis industry in Oregon. From dispensaries to producing concentrates, even farming, is a lucrative business in cannabis. As producers, we here at Lifted pride ourselves in not only making hand-crafted artisan candies, but also being educated and articulate in our field. Education is key. Understanding is vital.

The cannabis industry demands extreme dedication. Whether your goal is cutting edge concentrates or unheard of genetics, to keep your thumb on the pulse of the industry you must persevere the constant chaos. As change is the only constant in cannabis.

Hopeful change has come to our politics, or politricks, as we say. Lawmakers are lifting the prohibition and decriminalization is rapidly expanding. How has this change come,you may ask. For years, potheads and stoners have “fought The Man” by continuing to grow, smoke, and share marijuana. The essence behind it all is perseverance. The Ace in the Hole is word of mouth and spreading accurate information.

Groups like NORML, NCIA, and ASA, have helped spread awareness and advocate for the benefits of using marijuana on a national level. Groups like Weedblog, WomenGrow, andOregon Sungrown help us Oregonians. The Lifted ladies often join WomenGrow, for their events in Oregon, that work as a Speakeasy for ganjapranuers. The cannabis community can join together to share personal stories, build ideas for drug reform, and collaborate in business. We have strong faith in individuals making great change. Check out the story behind Oregon’s legalization Mastermind, Travis Maurer. 

We encourage everyone to take part in local conferences and seminars like those hosted by WomenGrow. Keep in touch with our blog, follow WeedBlog, WomenGrow’s social media, or the website of the Oregon SunGrown to stay updated on conferences, seminars, and meetings near you! And, just so you know, not all of these opportunities cost hundreds of dollars! So get out there and network!

Oh, and we do practice what we preach! The Lifted crew will be attending the Cannabis Creative Conference  in Portland, Oregon, on July 29th and 30th, 2015. Come and peep game with us! You can still grab the early bird price for tickets until July 15th!

The CCC, “a meeting of the minds”, will host over 50 cannabis industry speakers and provide a networking ground for over 600 business professionals. (Also guaranteed to lead to an after hours smoke sesh at someone’s rad Portland house. Teehee!) Forums on Climate Control for growers, tips for opening dispensaries, and even the future of Legislation in Oregon will be offered.

Don’t miss this opportunity! We’ll see ya there!

To elaborate on WomenGrow, is necessary. The group strives in inspire, empower, and advocate. Their meetings all across the United States provide unprecedented opportunities for everyone looking to boost the cannabis industry. The Lifted ladies are unbelievably grateful to be involved and look forward to further expansions in Oregon!


If you are interested in growing the Southern Oregon WomenGrow Chapter, please contact Lifted Lady Lexi @sorlifted@gmail.com!

And now, let’s party! Lifted hosts vendor events at each of the dispensaries that carry the Lifted dab-infused Medibles. We host these events with the intention of bringing new business to our local economy. By allowing each patient to sample our product before they buy it, we continue to boost the beneficial effects of our products to patients across the state of Oregon. By bringing in our fans, we boost sales for each of our small, local business owners. The events are mutually beneficial! So come join us for the events listed, even if it’s only for moment. We love seeing your smiles and making new friends!

With our new locations comes our new Lifted Lady Events! For the month of July all events at dispensaries will be held in Southern Oregon. Come see Lifted Lady Lexi and the girls! Our most anticipated event will be held at Antheia in Grants Pass! Antheia has a gorgeous location right on the Rogue River!

Vendor Events for the Week of July 13th – 19th:

  • July 17th. 4pm – 6pm

2455 Rogue River HWY, Grants Pass, OR
** Special Guest: Kathryn Darby, CEO & Founder of Lifted!**

Vendor Events for the Week of July 20th – 26th:

  • July 21st. 12pm – 2pm

Nature Scripts
6790 Williams HWY, Grants Pass, OR

Please note Lifted Vendor Events are hosted at OMMP compliant dispensaries. Medical marijuana licenses are required to enter these establishments. 
Support your local dispensaries!

For more information or to submit your favorite cannabis-infused recipe to our blog, please contact the Lifted Lady Lexi 
Email: sorlifted@gmail.com


You can check out Lifted’s blog at this link here. They will be posting recipes and also commentary on all things marijuana related. If you frequent a dispensary that doesn’t carry Lifted products, you should urge them to do so. You can tell them to contact Lifted at this link here. You can check out Lifted’s website to find out which locations currently carry Lifted products. Make sure to ‘like’ Lifted on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.


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