June 3, 2010

Guest Commentary From Miguel – Where The Weed At?

June 3, 2010

Brother Can You Spare A Dime Bag

Here is some more musings from friend of the blog Miguel. If you would like to read more from Miguel, check out his blog, Brother Can You Spare A Dime (Bag).

I have to start this piece with an “I’m an unapologetic liberal”. I believe weed and prostitution should be legal, gays should be allowed to be married and be miserably happy like me, and that guy who does amazing yard work for cheap shouldn’t be lumped in with those assholes that come across with bundles of heroine and meth. Its one love baby that’s what I really believe. Yes, you can call me a hippie or whatever word you have for people like me; but don’t make an assumption there. Not all hippies put flowers in guns, try breaking into my house and you’ll find I own one. The point of this little diatribe is you can’t judge a book by its cover. As corny and old as that saying is, it’s true. When looking for smokers you just can’t assume all of us want to hold hands, sing songs, and gripe about the unrighteousnesses of the government even though we all have that much in common.
Before Facebook, Myspace, and all the other wonders of the internet people spoke to each other not “poked” and unless you’re in one of the blessed states where you can get a license and acquire it legally. Searching for a source is a delicate conversation.
As I write this I have a fat and happy source but that could change in a blink of a bust. My weed in question comes from several local sources which unfortunately all come from the cartels in Mexico. The only reason I know this is because I live in a border town and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together. But it wasn’t always so, I use to be in the military where you have to use discretion when looking for like minds. And really that’s what you’re doing, looking for somebody who is on the same level as you.
When interacting with an individual try and find out about their past by exposing yours just a bit but not enough to incriminate like “I remember back in the day my friend would steal weed from his dad all the time.” or something like that. This opens the other person to share something as well and you get to judge their reaction towards marijuana without saying “Yeah wouldn’t mind doing a bong load right now”. Also use drinking as a meter.
Before the military I hardly drank, now my liver cries every time I buy an 18 pack. Drinking is a good gauge though to see where a person’s state of mind is; just don’t assume all drinkers are smokers though. If someone is a social drinker, good chance they’re open to pot and/or know somebody else who smokes. Even if you find out a drinker is against weed the nice thing about the booze vs. alcohol debate is booze will always lose in a “What’s better for society” question. So maybe you can take the time to bring up points here and there and sway somebody to the hazy side, remember non-smokers are voters to.
Another good conversation meter is music, the arts, and history. My friends I appreciate that we all smoke for our own reasons (mine are all of the above: recreational, religious, and medicinal) but do it in a non-ignorant way. This will make you and your pursuit of happiness a hell of a lot easier. Casually drop names, historical or even present day facts like “Did you know California is expected to make 12 billion if they legalize marijuana?” or do a quote from Pineapple Express “Couscous, couscous. So good they named it twice.” Conversations like these are easy to gage reactions by but never, never ever ever say anything alluding to you presently smoking. These are just some suggestions when making new acquaintances at work.
One more thing about the work place, never be condescending towards people who are doing the more laborious jobs than yours (this is assuming you’ve paid your dues by now i.e education, experience, etc.), hell we’ve all (at least most people) have been there at one time. Anyways, the reason I bring this up is a good source for bud is your friendly neighborhood custodian. I hate to say they’re all stoners but so far my luck hasn’t run out with them.
When I first moved to Arizona I lived in a shithole on the “bad” side of town waiting for my family to join me as I worked. In the interim I tried to get pot. Let me tell you this was a fucking task and a half. Nobody smoked marijuana but there was plenty of coke and crack to be had, this told me right away there was a serious problem.
My shithole neighbors who weren’t bad people just people who made bad decisions knew no one to acquire marijuana from but directed me to about 3 or 4 bars I could get coke over the counter. Since I found this fruitless I stopped asking.
Eventually after developing a repertoire with the custodians I brought up mota which is a Mexican slang for weed or you could try yessca either one will get you the desired results, when one drops different words see how people react. I’m a firm believer the guy that knows what pot smells like (or is familiar with lingo) has either used it before or is a cop, you make the call. Anyways, turns out one of my custodian buddies slinged on the side.
Now this source turned out to be pretty good ‘till he got fired and lost his cellphone. At this point I lost my connection and had to start over again. Again I go through the rigmarole of pointless conversation with a point and again the person I find that has a common interest is a custodian.
Looking for weed at work is generally not a good idea but if you keep the conversation natural and stay informed you may find more like minds than you know. In your pursuit for happiness also remember buying or selling asking somebody if they’re a cop doesn’t mean shit. That is just an urban myth leading more people to slip than you know.
Other places to look for conversation could include your local dive bar or even the dive bar of the internet called Craigslist. Again always take caution when doing so.
Now as I write this I don’t write this from the perspective of somebody trying to score 10lbs and take it to New York. I’m writing this from the humble thinkings of a man who believes that the herb is good and the herb is just. That man (and woman) shouldn’t feel like a criminal for smoking a plant. That if the world could just get itself under control people like you and me wouldn’t have to be closet smokers. With that said let me continue; the people I’ve met through bars generally never come through as a steady connect. Instead it’s an at the moment thing where they have a joint in their possession and are willing to share.
The people I met through Craigslist are almost the same as the bar people except for a few. When I’m lucky enough to have some in my possession and I meet somebody new I will bring a joint for a pow wow. You never care if you have to throw away or swallow a joint; a pipe on the other hand is forever evidence. I have never really worried if the person I’m dealing with is an undercover cop because it’s a shame when the police are after non-violent dreamers but that’s just how I roll.
The point here is finding a hook-up is all about subtle conversation. Never out right say “Hi, I’m a stoner and I’m looking to score”. Always stay informed; the counter culture is a continual thing and we can only look forward to the day it just becomes an accepted norm. One day you and I will be able to sit at a barbecue light a bowl and say “Remember when this shit was illegal. Man that was some crazy time.”.
Its with a heavy heart I write this knowing what I know. Knowing rights from wrongs, knowing laws for a reason and those that are corrupt. Fortunately I see a smokers influence and smokers all around me. One weekend while getting barbecue groceries I heard a man yell to his nephew “Where the weed at?” and it make me think this.


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