March 31, 2021

Development of Alaska Cannabis Lounges Will Continue with Caution During Pandemic

March 31, 2021
Picture of Alaska in front of a cannabis plant—Alaska may soon allow consumption lounges.

Marijuana legalization for recreational use took place in 2014 in Alaska, and advocates finally received a regulatory nod for cannabis lounges in 2020. Since very few states have approved any licenses for adult use consumption lounges , this was an exciting moment for the state.

Unfortunately, the pending pandemic nearly halted all progress on the efforts for pot lounges during the 2020 year. One location in Ketchikan opened briefly, but were forced to shut their doors as Covid-19 rates began rising.

Despite Setbacks, Entrepreneurs Are Still Hoping See Pot Lounges Launch in Alaska

Brandon Emmett is an executive with Fairbanks-based cannabis business Good Titrations and was part of the Alaskan Marijuana Control Board. He helped to develop the regulations that govern lounges, and he says they are hoping to open their site in Fairbank on 4.20.

The website for Good Titrations states: “Established in 2016, Good Titrations is committed to supplying the entire Alaska state with high-quality marijuana concentrates. We have the largest supply of pure, potent concentrates in Alaska.”

One of the efforts the business will make to ensure safety is enforcing the requirement that all patrons use a mask while visiting. “There is very much a light shining on us, and it is imperative that we at Good Titrations set the example for how it could be done responsibly,” Brandon Emmett told the Associated Press in an interview, in reference to opening their pot lounge.

Another entrepreneur with an eye for cannabis lounge innovation is Joe McAneney, who owns the High Expedition Co. located in Talkeetna, Alaska. Joe has applied for a license to operate an adult-use lounge, and hopes to have his location open by the summer of 2022. Although he thinks there are ways to get creative and open sooner, at this time he says he prefers to play it safe during uncertain times.

“To start a new business and to spend money and create … a new thing during this time, to me, it’s not very responsible; it doesn’t make a lot of sense,” he told AP in an interview.

Public Consumption Restrictions Prevent Alaska Residents From Consuming Cannabis in Public

This is especially affecting local tourism, as travelers who wish to legally partake are not allowed to use cannabis in hotels or restaurants. In a state that relies heavily on tourism and travel, which is already suffering from travel restrictions and safety precautions, having cannabis lounges open their doors could have a very positive impact in upcoming traveling seasons.

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