August 13, 2019

Truweigh Brings Trust and Reliability Back to the Mini Scale Market

August 13, 2019
Truweigh scales innovate and promote quality products with fairness and respect.

As technology has advanced over recent years, the affordability and precision of digital scales has been greatly improved, contributing to their widespread usage. While there are many types of digital weighing scales, the most common ones are based on strain gauge technology. One company who is leading the way in this sector of the cannabis industry is Truweigh.

Truweigh LLC was launched by Dalman Enterprises Ltd the summer of 2017 to bring trust and reliability back to the mini scale market in North America. After 30 years of experience in Europe and the rest of the world, Dalman recognized a need to revive North America, namely the US market, with fresh ideas and designs.

Since launch, Truweigh has had an incredible response to their brand and are continuing to grow. Jessie Nugent is the CEO of Truweigh, founding the company in 2016. Nugent also works for/owns Dalman Enterprises, located in the United Kingdom. She explained, “Exclusive models, new innovative designs & scale concepts (no one else is investing in product development), superior scale quality (we use the best components and materials), and professional brand image/packaging/marketing are what sets Truweigh apart from other brands in this sector.”

Selecting the right scale for your application is critical. Important factors to consider when purchasing a scale include capacity, readability, features, and simplicity. Truweigh specializes in accurately measuring smaller quantities. Their largest scale, the General, weighs up to 8,000g, while milligram scales like the Echo or the Sharpshooter Reloadr can measure much smaller amounts to 0.001g accuracy.

The Brookland Smoke Shop is a shop located in Washington D.C. who has been working with Truweigh products. Their shop manager said, “Truweigh scales are durable and we love the feature of the collapsible silicone container they use. They are super portable and easy to use, and Truweigh provides weights and batteries for us and the prices are very fair. Their liquid scale has been amazing for CBD oil especially. The scales are flying off our shelves and most of our vendors here in D.C. use them.”

Truweigh has multiple projects in the works, including a new scale called the RIOT. These scales will be in stock and launching the beginning of September. The company is always looking to push the boundaries on design and materials, and their newest designs reflect this. Additionally, they offer full OEM/private label services and welcome new development projects. 

The Mission Statement at Truweigh is To continue to innovate and promote quality products with fairness and respect. With respect to that mission, Truweigh has engaged an exclusive Master Distributor, Ooze Wholesale. Starting this year, Ooze exclusively manages all the sales and distribution for Truweigh in the United States and Canada. Their Michigan-based location is 45,000 square feet of pure hustle. Ooze supports them with in-house Marketing, Sales, Support, and Distribution with coast-to-coast ground delivery in 4 days or less. This partnership enables Truweigh to focus on their mission and bring more original scales to market at a faster rate. 


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