Things To Consider When Buying A Digital Marijuana Scale


At some point, it makes sense for all cannabis consumers to get a digital scale. Whether you are picking up ounces or eighths, its a great tool to ensure you aren't getting shorted and you are staying within any legal limits. A booming medical marijuana market has increased demand and made owning a quality digital scale as affordable as ever. With all the choices out there, many people aren't sure what to expect when buying a scale.

digital scale
tanita 1479

Tanita 1479

Prices on scales have dropped significantly since I bought my first one fifteen years ago. Back then, the internet was still on dial-up and people only used it for chatting on AOL anyway, so the only real option was my local head shop. I happily payed $140 for a Tanita (one of three options) that maxed out at a mere 120 grams. It lasted for a long time but the 120 gram max was always a pain in the ass. Fast forward to last week. My friend just bought a scale online that does three times the volume as my OG Tanita for 20% of the cost.

Modern scales come in many sizes with a wide range of features. In most pieces in the U.S., marijuana is weighed out by the gram, so be sure to get a scale that measures in grams. Since an eighth weighs 3.5 grams, a scale that is accurate to the tenth of a gram is a must. Anything more accurate is over-kill and not worth paying extra. If you are going to be handling any bulk, you will want to get a scale with at least a 1000 gram max and a large tray. For most people, a scale with a 200 gram max will be plenty.

Additionally, almost all small scales are battery powered, so if you are a heavy duty user, you may want to consider a larger unit that you can plugin and avoid the hassle.

To recap, for most people, an adequate scale should meet these requirements:

1. 200 gram max
2. Accurate to the tenth of a gram

One that meets these requirements can be found for under $30 online (we recommend because of the discreet free shipping and the large selection they offer) or in any head shop.