April 21, 2017

Resolution: Innovative and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for the Cannabis Community

April 21, 2017
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for the Cannabis Community

Resolution: Innovative and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for the Cannabis Community

Environmental sustainability (and having clean glass pieces to smoke cannabis in) are priorities of ours at The Weed Blog, which is why we are so excited share the news about this product that is a perfect fit for eco-friendly cleaning solutions for the cannabis community and all cannabis consumers who value these things as well.

Twenty-three year old Dakota Wesley is already a successful cannabis entrepreneur. Since launching his company Resolution in 2015, Wesley’s reached several significant benchmarks, selling 100,000 units reaching 2,000+ stores across all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the Virgin Islands. His mission: make cannabis glassware cleaning environmentally-friendly, easy and fun.

“I knew the cleaning sector of the industry needed an update,” says Wesley, who realized Resolution’s success after meeting the former VP of a global behemoth in smartphone accessories. “Our first product, ResCaps, came six months after creating ‘napkin drawings’ and then meeting with Tom,” referring to Tom Davison, now Wesley’s mentor. The two met in a Colorado coffee shop during Wesley’s junior year of college.

Along with his team at Resolution, Wesley is busy innovating, creating products intended to change how cannabis community enthusiasts and MMJ patients go about their day. ResCaps allow you to universally stretch and seal airtight caps over glass water pipes, steamrollers, and other glass accessories to help facilitate a more thorough clean by enabling vigorous shaking with no-spills. The silicone based product eliminates the overuse of paper-towels and plastic-wrap while being easily reusable and recyclable. And ResCaps are multi-purpose–ideal for cleaning, traveling, and storing your favorite cannabis accoutrements. Similar to protective smartphones cases, ResCaps silicone design helps save glass from minor bumps and spills. ResCaps also keep contents of packed and ready waterpipes and dab rigs contained while travelling and recreating.

Available this 4/20, Resolution’s newest offering is ResGel, a resealable pouch of non-toxic, clay-based cleansing formula designed for convenience. Users simply tear off the top of the package, drop in resinated stems, nails and pipes, and then shake briefly until clean. Everything is self contained, making ResGel great for home use and on-the-go. Driving Resolution’s passion for social responsibility, ResGel is free of volatile organic compounds, completely safe for drains and re-entering Earth’s water table, unlike isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and other chemical cleaners. Each reasonably priced package of ResGel is reuseable eight times or more.

Glassware is either functional, high-art, or both and glass blowers and end-users alike appreciate being able to care for that investment. A sparkling fresh piece helps keep the focus on the subtle aromatics of terpenes and effectiveness of complex cannabinoid profiles. Combined, ResCaps and ResGel make maintaining and cleaning cannabis glassware super-simple.

“We make owning glass all the more enjoyable,” says Wesley.

About Resolution

While obtaining his degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University, Resolution President Dakota Wesley made two important discoveries: entrepreneurship excites him and what most people use to clean their pipes and bongs is harmful to the environment. With 300 dollars and a vision, Wesley started Resolution to expand cannabis cannabis community and culture through a lifestyle-inspired inventions like ResCaps and ResGel. His eco-friendly and inventive lifestyle products have been featured in The Cannabist, Entrepreneur, Merry Jane, High Times, and Culture Magazine.



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