November 11, 2016

Shatterday Product Review: Dabado Vaporizer

November 11, 2016
dabado vaporizer, marijuana product reviews, dabs

Vaporizing cannabis concentrates, or dabbing, is definitely one of the newer methods of cannabis consumption and is one that many people may not even be familiar with yet. While this method of consumption is one that many patients need in order to medicate properly, it has not always been received the best, even by those who are cannabis law reform advocates.

I am not a big dabber, but do enjoy dabs of clean and well-processed cannabis extracts from time to time. One thing that has kept me away from dabs is the torch and prep time it takes for them, and I have talked to other cannabis consumers that feel the same. However, as in many areas of cannabis, education here is key and it is important that we have solid industry representation who are willing and excited to do just that.

dabado vaporizers, marijuana products, dabsI found out about Dabado Vaporizers through our TWB Instagram account and then heard about them from a few friends of mine in Colorado. This company makes a variety of products but I was most interested in their portable, electric dab rigs/vaporizers. They do not require a torch and are compact and easy to charge.

The company was founded in December of 2014, “in an effort to make it a mission to help concentrates receive a better rep with the biased media,” explained the company’s co-founder Steven Helfer. “We knew that the media would not adapt to concentrated forms of marijuana with a butane torch. We envision this market being legitimate in every way and we wanted to set the trend of technology for concentrates.”

Dabado was founded and is currently headquartered in Denver, CO. Their products are designed in house and developed in Colorado, then taken to their manufacturer in China. All of their team members that develop their products are daily dabbers, and understand the markets demands. What a fun job, right?  

dabado vaporizer, product reviews, dabsIn the Dabado Bolt case I used for this review, I found a Dabado wax container, a magnetic carb cap with dab tool, a glass attachment, 3 different nails, a stand and replacement rings, and, of course, a USB charging cable so that you can charge up for on-the-go dabs. I also tried the Recycler glass attachment, which really did make for a smoother inhale of the vapor.  

There are so many great cannabis concentrate processors here in Oregon. I was gifted some really beautiful Lemon Kush Nug Run BHO shatter from WaxLab Xtracts with almost no residual solvents.  It was tested by OG Analytical, and test results were 68.5% THC and and 2.4% CBD.

The Dabado Bolt performed perfectly, and was nice and compact. The shatter tasted and notes of citrus and produced a clean, clear high. The hit was smooth and there was little, if any, burn at all on the inhale.  

When asked about future plans for Dabado, Helfer replied, “We plan to release a Bolt 2 in early January 2017 that we are working very hard at. Our team is also working with extraction companies out of Denver to create oil pens with our technology. We hope to establish ourselves as a leader in the industry.”

Solid industry representation from companies such as Dabado and Waxlab Xtracts is exactly what we need to push the wheel forward for this movement and to help gradually lift the stigma that still lies so heavily on this plant overall.  Consumer education about products and methods is key, and it is critical that our industry becomes legitimized and normalized in order for us to get closer to the tipping point of ending cannabis prohibition.  


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