May 9, 2017

The 7 Best Gifts for the Stoner Mom in Your Life

May 9, 2017
best Mother's Day gifts for the stoner mom

Best Gifts for 2017

As legal weed becomes more and more prevalent in the U.S., so do the options for gifts for those of us who use cannabis.  Being a regular cannabis consumer myself, it is always exciting for me to see what is newly available on the market for the best gifts.  While I have done gifting guides in the past, this one is particularly special to me as I am a mom of 3 young boys and have been at the stoner mom lifestyle for quite some time now.  I hope you find at least one of these 7 awesome options to be the best Mother’s Day gifts for the stoner mom, or stoner mama, in your life.

1. The Glacier Pen Kit by Ooze

glacier pen kit by ooze
The Glacier Pen Kit by Ooze

This is a vape pen for concentrates that is a great quality for the price you pay.  It is also sleek and convenient and includes a 20-second auto-shut-off battery, dual quartz rods, titanium coils, a quartz bowl and also has a discrete reaction chamber.  For the stoner mom who loves to have her cannabis concentrates already packed in a pen, this is both cost efficient and convenient.

2. Lady G Cognac Whipstitich by AnnaBis

The Lady G bag is beautiful and classy with room for all of the stoner mom essentials, all with Aroma-Bloc technology to keep the smell of those amazing buds concealed when you want them to be.

You may recall our mention of a smaller AnnaBis clutch in our Valentine’s Day gift guide, but this beautiful purse is a cool cross-body that becomes a waist bag with an easy clip of the strap. Outside on back, find your handy phone pocket. Twist the claps and lift the flap to see two Aroma-Bloc™ zippered compartments that tame smelly buds and pungent paraphernalia. Lift one side of the silky interior lining and find another concealed air-tight Aroma-Bloc™ compartment that totally avoids prying eyes and noses! Perfect for festivals and other events. One of AnnaBis’ largest bags, the Lady G Cognac is roomy enough for a wallet, glasses and keys, and includes two gusseted pouches and two tiny elastic bands for a lighter,  eye drops and/or mints. The purse has 100% genuine Italian leather exterior and purple jacquard lining.



3. The Empower Body Care Mother’s Day Gift Box


Empower Bodycare Gift Box
This gift is perfect for the stoner mama or for ANY mama who likes to relax with naturally infused body care. Excellent for your wife, mom, girlfriend, sister, or even grandma!

This is beyond perfect for any stoner mama (or any parent really) out there.  The products include hemp topical oil and hemp therapeutic soaking salts.  These products are some of the best hemp topicals currently on the market, and are great to give the seasoned stoner mom or a stoner mama who simply enjoys relaxing with high quality body care products.  All of Empower’s products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, non-GMO, and offer uplifting and relaxing aromatherapy support and a powerful approach to pain management
Find out more and how to order one here 


4. The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Cookbook by Laurie Wolf and Mary Wolf

Does your stoner mom love to cook?  Or would she like to try cooking with cannabis for the first time? Or is she curious about the medical benefits of marijuana?  Either way, this book is the perfect purchase for her.  The use of medical marijuana has been a valuable resource in the treatment of various conditions. But for many, the stigma and misinformation surrounding the medical or recreational use of cannabis is a deterrent in trying it for themselves. Part reference guide, part cannabis cookbook, The Medical Marijuana Dispensary will arm you with everything you need to decide for yourself if medical marijuana is right for you.  Oh and P.S….Laurie Wolf (one of the authors) was just named the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana” by the New Yorker!

The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Cookbook
Part resource guide and part cookbook and FULL of awesome on each page!


5. The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

best Mother's Day gifts for the stoner mom
The Dipper is essentially an electric nectar collector that allows you to vape cannabis concentrates anytime, anywhere, with virtually no prep or clean up. LOVE this one…it has changed my life (for the better) as a cannabis consuming stoner mama.

The Dipper is a unique and multi-functional concentrate vaporizer like I have never seen before.  This product (essentially an electric nectar collector) has truly changed my life as a mother who is a regular cannabis consumer.  It allows you to vape your concentrates anywhere, and with far more ease than even a portable electric nail might offer.  The Vapor Tip Atomizer is a convenient and simple way to dab without a rig and torch or any loading, and the Quartz Crystal Atomizer allows the user to load like a traditional pen but hits like a true dab.  The Dipper, which comes in both a chrome and charcoal color, also offers great flavor and is easy to clean.  This is hands down the best vape accessory I have seen so far in my cannabis consumption career and I can’t describe how much I love it!  I am sure that your stoner mom will too!  


6. The “420” card game by Brotato

420 card game
Surprise her with a Mother’s Day (Stoner!) Game night! The 420 Card Game will make everyone laugh!

Is the stoner mama in your life more of a game night kind of gal?  Then look no further…The 420 card game is a fun party game centered around marijuana. The game is simple and can be played with 2 people up to 52.  Everyone takes a turn playing an action or a question card on someone.  Then, the person who you play your card on must perform the action/answer the question or refuse it. If they refuse it, you win a point! For every point gained or lost, the winner or loser takes a hit.  The actions are borderline objectionable and the questions are stoner-deep. Either way, everybody gets to have a puff and laugh and have fun!


7. The Toker Poker

stoner mama
The glittery pink toker poker is a perfect gift for the stoner mama who likes to smoke cannabis flower on the regular.

This is essential for anyone who likes to consume cannabis flower by smoking it.  This nifty little tool works perfectly with all cannabis smoke accessories: pipes, bongs, one-hitters, bubblers…you name it.  It combines the 2 things that are always necessary to smoke a bowl (a lighter and a poker) in a cute and compact design.  Busy mamas need this all in one so they aren’t stuck unbending all of the paperclips in the house when they are ready for that hit off their pipe…and then it folds up conveniently to be put back into your pocket, purse, or drawer.


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