September 30, 2020

20 Creative Edibles and their THC Content

September 30, 2020
Creative Gummy Edibles made of Pot.

It is pretty amazing how normalized the use of marijuana has become in the culinary scene. Cannabis has been legalized for medical and recreational use in many states and that number is only going to increase in the coming years. Edibles have become increasingly popular because they can be made out of almost anything and turned INTO almost anything! 

For those who are not familiar with marijuana, there is a chemical called THC that creates psychoactive effects in your brain. This is the key ingredient that gets you feeling “high.” The coolest part? It’s fat-soluble, meaning chefs can turn the bud into “cannabutter”. Any food you can make with butter, you can now make with marijuana! If you’re an aspiring chef you can also check out this article that will walk you through making Cannabutter: How To Make Marijuana Butter / Cannabutter.

These products have been reviewed by us with each of these categories in mind: appearance, taste, POTency (this is a weed blog, I’m required to make these puns), and originality. With professionalism increasing exponentially every year in the edibles industry, all 20 of these top contenders were rated HIGHly (again, it’s better to just go with it) and any of these items can be recommended as worth for your consideration.

Along with oils and tinctures, the possibility to create any kind of edible is endless. So here at TheWeedBlog we’ve narrowed down a list of cannabis creations that sparked our interest and made our mouths water! If you’re like me and love food AND weed, you’re going to just jump with jitters after reading this list: so here’s to getting the munchies while munching. Let’s get to it!

Pizza Sauce (500mg) – by Clean Healing 

This fun and tasteful invention came into place at the SoCal Cup just last year and took a promising Second Place award. The team of Graham and Tatum Cohen (who happen to be brother and sister) split with their old company and came back in 2016 with a new brand determination to win first at the competition. 

People (along with judges at the competition) raved about the sauce’s high quality ingredients and healthiness. One person even went on to say, “I bought some pizza dough and made a pizza with one jar of sauce…very powerful stuff! It delivered a great high and was very tasty. Organic and vegan as well, that’s always a plus for many people. Made some pasta with the sauce for lunch. “ finishing the statement with, “man this stuff is versatile AND potent!” Let’s just pray the ninja turtles never find out about this or they’ll hoard it all for themselves!

Bonus: Clean Healing has a recipe for gluten-free flatbread, which is perfect for pairing with this savory sauce! Clean Healing pizza sauce also offers a sugar-free option that fits into any kind of lifestyle.

Macaroons* (50 mg)  – Utopia Farms

*Raspberry flavor in particular

Placing first at the NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup two summers ago, Utopia Edibles has a well-established reputation for healthy, eco-friendly edibles. Generally designed for those with dietary restrictions, everyone can find something delicious for their own particular needs. The ingredients include real raspberries, as well as coconut, almond flour, agave nectar, coconut oil, vanilla and Himalayan crystal salt. Once combined it creates a treat that goes above and beyond expectations. These treats also come in  gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and kosher options. 

One person even had this to remark about the raspberry: “A very tasty raspberry macaroon with very little cannabis taste at all. Eating the whole package is too easy. These are vegan and gluten free and for being that, they taste AMAZING! They are not dry like most gluten free items can be. They have a good raspberry flavor that is not artificial tasting at all.”

The beautifully designed packaging relays all relevant dosage information, with 50 milligrams of THC per macaroon bringing a total package of 200 mg THC. Overall, these macaroons represent a wonderful effort by a relatively new cannabis edible company committed to eco-friendly values.

Olive Oil (1,300 mg) – Goodies by MaGooch

Everyone appreciated the potency and versatility of this pot-infused olive oil, which contains 1300 milligrams of THC in 1.5 fluid ounces. That’s enough for 30 servings of 35 mg which means you can guarantee this kitchen must-have will be around for a while. Adding just a dash to pasta, sauteed veggies or drizzled over popcorn, the possibilities are endless and can enhance a meal without adding overmuch weed flavor. 

One panelist at this competition shared his experience: “At first, I had it with some balsamic vinegar and bread and butter. It hit me pretty hard and fast. The next bottle, I used with some pasta and garlic and butter, and the same thing! A smooth, pleasant ride, without having to overload on chocolate or cookies.” Well mister judge, I’m sure the cookie monster wouldn’t agree with you on that last statement, but we sure will! 

Punch Bar (225 mg)- Punch Edibles

“The Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Crunch Punch Bar”(try saying that 5 times fast), is a tiny treat that packs a crazy 225 milligrams of cannabinoids into one edible of pure peanut butter flavored chocolate. Each bar is itself divided into nine squares of 25 milligrams each so as to not get too crazy, but knowing me I’d eat the whole bar anyway!

The judges at this competition loved the high and appreciated the large dose, stating: “The small squares make for easy dosing. Great economical treat for patients, small amount of packaging with a large amount of milligrams.” Some people note that the chocolate isn’t the tastiest or highest quality, but they come back to say “what it lacked in flavor, it more than made up for in effects.” Punch Edibles stay true to their name and pack a PUNCH, with plenty of THC to go around.

Churro Bites (140mg)- Maxx Power Edibles 

These bite sized churro deliciousness were lauded as an excellent choice for people who enjoy an easygoing kind of high. With 140 milligrams of THC in the churro bag, it allows for incremental dosing throughout the day. Some enjoy these fun little treats as medicated cereal as well! Mix these bites with milk for a psychedelic and wonderful breakfast.

One reviewer said “These churro bites were absolutely delicious. Sweet and cinnamony, these were packaged very well, labeled very clearly, and put both me and my roommate pleasantly to sleep on the couch.” Now can we get FULL SIZED edible churros? Thanks!

Habit’s Strawberry Soda (90mg) – Natural Infusion, Inc.

Habit’s Strawberry Soda is a newcomer to the cannabis business. That said, it made a strong positive first impression on some who liked the taste, with one reviewer saying the drink “almost has a creamy finish like those strawberries and creme candies.” 

Others were not a fan of the cannabis aftertaste and felt there needed to be better dosage advice on the package. At ninety milligrams of THC in a single serving, better instructions on how much of the drink to consume in one sitting would be appreciated. But hey this is definitely one type of “edible” we are going to start seeing more of.

Baklava (25mg)- Recipe By Cheri Sicard

This is a follow along recipe by Cheri Sicard, who is the chef of this amazing cannabis treat. This fun dessert (if made correctly) will have your little baklava squares at about 25 milligrams per serving. You’ll need to go out and either make cannabutter yourself or buy it, but once made this is a treat not only your friends will appreciate but also you! Get to creating, chef! I believe in you!

Vegan Cannabis Caviar (250mg) – Trophi

Now you have officially heard of cannabis-infused vegan caviar! I can hear everyone screaming at me right now, “WELL IF IT’S VEGAN *AND* CAVIAR, WHAT’S IT MADE OUT OF?” It’s simple, really! Water, organic black truffle infused olive oil, gold cannabis oil, organic activated charcoal, organic algae, calcium and organic sea salt. 

Now it doesn’t really TASTE like caviar but hey, it’s as close as we are going to get. It arrives elegantly packaged, with the promised amount of 250 mg of THC. Some people just think it’s plain weird, but others really enjoy it! To each their own I guess. 

Sloth Bars (50mg)- Sloth Bars

This caramel, brown sugar and chocolate Sloth Bar arrives in a very cute homemade package bearing the simple logo of a sloth’s face. And a cute sloth, not that meme-ified creepy looking one. One person had this to say, “I dig the simple earth friendly vibes and the high dose offered in minimal packaging.” Many enjoy the lack of cannabis flavor with such a high dosage, so you are guaranteed to have a good time!

Cupcakes (100mg) – Chronic Desserts

*Cookies n’ Cream Oreo Cupcakes in particular

Chronic Desserts has pastry chef Leilani, who creates beautifully decorated medicated creations for San Diego collectives. These cupcakes contain a  whole Oreo cookie, along with a cute marijuana leaf fondant mounted on top. The judges at this competition noted that the cupcake was tasty, smooth, and wonderful but a lot of them stated that it didn’t deliver the effects usually felt with a 100 milligram edible, which some were perfectly fine with!

Green Tea (10mg)- House of Jane

It’s 3pm. You just finished a tour of your poorly managed quarantine garden. The only thing that would make it better? A refreshing iced tea with no hint of cannabis flavor, great for relaxing with! The packaging of this edible was informative, even including a hotline for patients to call the company with any questions. The label clearly states that 10 milligrams of THC is considered one dose. The medical benefits of green tea in general are just an added bonus. 10/10 would recommend! 

Nutella (300mg)- Chrontella

A Canada-based company has answered your prayers and brought you “Chrontella,” a chocolate based hazelnut spread very similar to Nutella, but with 300mg of cannabis. This yummy jar of chocolate tasting hazelnut is just perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. Gummies step aside and let Chrontella have it’s moment in the spotlight please! 

Peanut butter and Jelly (100mg) -FlyNHighTreats

Or as they call it at FlyNHighTreats, “peanut budder” This sweet and savory edible is one from the gods themselves. Why not make your favorite childhood snack? These two combined just create childhood trauma in your mouth (in the best possible way). FlyNHighTreats also has a whole variety of jams and jellies so if peanut butter and jelly sandwiches aren’t your thing, have a raspberry scone with a dollop of wonderful jam on it because you’re bougie. 

Ice Cream (50mg) – Beezle’s Creamery

Made from organic, local dairy this delicious treat is also vegan friendly! Available in: Cali High Thai’d (with black tea), Cookies & Dreams (with cream filled chocolate cookies), Dante’s Dreamsicle (with fresh squeezed organic oranges), Gone Bananas (with bananas, soy milk, and nut butter), Mixed Berry Blaze (with organic strawberries, blackberries and blueberries), and Not Yo Mama’s Vanilla (with burnt caramel sauce) you’re sure to find a flavor for you! Also, Ben and Jerry’s said they would totally support a weed-infused version of their ice cream…just sayin’.

Crème Brûlée (50mg)- Beezle’s Creamery

Now we’re getting fancy. With 50 milligrams of THC in this delectable treat one is bound to have a good time. Made from organic local dairy, this edible company promotes eco-friendly values wherever they can! Available in Milk Chocolate Orange or Vanilla Bean (with bourbon vanilla beans) you aren’t given many options, but it’s Crème Brûlée! Of course you’re going to love it.

Reef Jerky (100mg)- Badfish Extracts

After a first place win in the edible category in 2016, Badfish is back with an eye-catching, redesigned package. They also have new flavors including but not limited to: spicy Firestorm and Maui Wowie, each also dosed at 100 mg of THC. Many were happy with the Reef Jerky, because sometimes sweet edibles can be, well, too sweet.  One reviewer had this to say, “Very flavorful and tender…not chewy at all and no taste of cannabis!” You think BigFoot is a problem now? Wait until he gets his hands on this stuff. 

Glazed Pecans (100mg)- Auntie Dolores

Glaze it, don’t blaze it. Auntie Dolores carries all kinds of gourmet snacks with vegan, paleo, gluten free, non-GMO, sugar free, and low glycemic options. This is perfect for the healthy friend who wants munchies from not sweets, but “healthy” things. Bring a dish of these glazed pecans to any friend or family gathering and instantly be the most popular person at that party!

Fruit and Nut Granola (260mg)- Healthy High

For the health NUTS out there, Healthy High granola is made with 260 mg of THC infused organic coconut oil per serving. So if your friends didn’t like the glazed pecans, well they’re sure to go NUTS (am I allowed to do the same pun twice?) over this product. With Healthy High being the manufacturer, you can put your mind at ease knowing you’re going to get the quality you want. 

Gum (50mg) – Bhang

This gum delivers the heavy blow of 50 milligrams of THC per piece! Holding four pieces in the package, you and your friends will have a grand time. People aren’t crazy about the taste, but the hard-hitting effects are sure to win you over. One judge at the competition they went to wrote: “It wasn’t some huge brick of a brownie, or anything like that, it was just meant to be a quick, easy way to dose yourself up. The packaging and labeling was great, which is to be expected from a company like Bhang.”

If your grandma is giving you lip about smoking the devil’s lettuce just offer her a piece of this bad boy. (For legal purposes that was a JOKE. Please do not drug your grandmother. Let her take a piece if she wants a piece but again please do not drug your grandmother.)

Cann-A-Chili (220mg) – Divine Wellness Center

This is a DIY cannabis-infused Cajun chili kit that contains a spice mix and a bag of kief that patients add to their own choice of protein. It holds “4 doses of 55 milligrams of THC” each. Some judges at the competition where it was displayed were worried that the kief wouldn’t activate in the mix, but one judge really enjoyed it, noting “it has a nice kick and a nice high to go along with it. The packaging has nutritional information and this makes a great meal.” Texas it’s time to legalize. We NEED edible chilli competitions please. 


There are a variety of different edibles out there and life is all about finding what is best for you, so go out and try some of these delicious treats! With edibles becoming more and more popular, there is something out there for everyone. Go out and find your favorite treat, and if that happens to be one of these twenty let us know in the comments below and what you like or don’t like about it! 

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