June 20, 2020

Edible Review: Wana Brands Watermelon Sour Sativa Gummies

June 20, 2020
wanna gummies

As legal medical and recreational cannabis markets expand, the industry is continually pursuing various ways to process and consume marijuana.  Edibles have become one of the most popular ways to ingest THC over the last few years. However these days, consumers aren’t limited to baking brownies in Mom’s kitchen using antiquated methods like dumping pot shake directly into the brownie mix. Instead cannabis enthusiasts have a myriad of edible options, many of which won’t crumble apart in your pocket. 

Wana sour gummies have recently emerged as a preferred edible brand. According to BDS Analytics Best Selling Products Report, “7 of the top 10 edibles sold in Colorado were Wana brands making Wana brand gummies Colorado’s most popular edible.” Discover why Wana gummy flavors such as watermelon have soared in popularity by reading the Wana gummies review below. 

Wana Watermelon Sativa Sour Gummies Edible Review

Wana edibles sour gummies hybrid, sativa, and indica

Personally, I haven’t been a huge fan of edibles throughout my years as a cannabis enthusiast. They were always too strong, lasting for hours and culminating into complete lethargy or even the most serious couch lock paralysis. Wana sativa gummies, however, were a game changer as they provided me with a consistent low dose ideal for personal cannabis consumption. With any edible, consistency and proper dosing are paramount.

Wana Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD Gummies

Wana doesn’t limit their gummy production to solely sativa strains; they utilize indica and hybrid strains, as well as varying ratios of THC and CBD cannabinoid infusions across a range of fruity flavors. I prefer sativa-dominant strains when consuming edibles, because these strains produce more of an energetic, stimulating effect compared to indica or hybrid strains.  I also prefer gummies with a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1 with a dose of 10-20 mg of THC to alleviate chronic back pain.

However, Wana also produces gummies with a 10:1 CBD/THC ratio for those seeking low intoxicating effects and a 0:1 CBD/THC ratio for more seasoned THC consumers looking for a heady experience with their favorite Pink Floyd album. 

Wana infuses their perfectly square gummies with a consistent 2-20 mg of THC depending on the CBD/THC ratio, making them a great cannabis product for preventing “edible overdose.” Of course you can’t physiologically overdose on cannabis, but many an experienced stoner has endured significant uncomfortable sensations when eating too much THC. 

Wana Sour Gummies Edibles Sativa Effect 

What are the best edible gummies? Wana sour gummies shown here.

When choosing between sativa, hybrid, and indica gummies, I usually prefer sativa because these strains are the most stimulating. I find edibles more sedating compared to other forms of cannabis consumption such as smoking or vaping; therefore, I go with sativa gummies to counteract the sleepiness often produced by edibles. 

Wana Sour Gummies Packaging

Wana always includes clear labeling with easy-to-read ingredients and instructions. Wana gummy jars include strain category (indiva, hybrid, or sativa), total and individual amounts of CBD and THC, and “edibles tips” which are similar to instructions printed on any prescription medication bottle. These jars are also made with sustainable and recyclable materials. 

Wana Taste

I’ve enjoyed a spectrum of Wana’s sour gummy fruity flavors, but watermelon was my absolute favorite. Sour gummies with or without infused THC are often too sour creating that silly mouth pucker by overstimulating taste buds. Wana gummies, however, have an ideal sourness that isn’t overwhelming. Many edibles also have a significant cannabis aftertaste that can be rather unpleasant. Fortunately with their gummies, it won’t taste like you’re gnawing on leaves and stems.

Wana Edibles Effect

The Wana sour gummies sativa effect was exactly what I was looking for in an edible. It reduced stress and anxiety, but also provided me with a refreshing, energetic buzz that lasted throughout the day and much of the evening. The dosing and labeling on each container enables consumers to accurately predict the desired effect of consumption.  

Various infused edibles using any food imaginable are currently in production in legal cannabis states across the US. Many of these products include 50, 100, or 300mg of THC per serving which can be problematic for appropriate individual dosing. Wana sour gummies eliminate this problem with smaller, more manageable serving sizes and consistent dosing. I highly recommend these Wana products which are now available in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. The company is planning to expand in California and Florida as well as international markets (as regulations permit). For more information, visit www.wanabrands.com, or you can follow Wana on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ section):

Do Wana gummies get you high?

Yes. Wana gummy containers have clear labels which indicate the amount of THC in the entire container as well as individual gummies. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis which makes consumers feel high.

How strong are Wana gummies? 

There is a wide range of THC amounts from 1mg-20mg per individual gummy depending on the CBD/THC ratio purchased.

Are Wana gummies vegan and gluten free? 

Yes. According to www.wanabrands.com, “Our gummies are made with fruit pectin, not gelatin (an animal by-product), so they are always vegan and gluten-free.”

Who owns Wana brands?

Nancy Whiteman is the current CEO of Wana brands. 


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