September 17, 2011

Beauty, Brains, and Body modification: An Interview With The ‘I am Goddess’ Modeling Agency

September 17, 2011
I Am Goddess

I Am GoddessBeauty is skin deep with shades, hues, and hints of metal — This is what came to mind when I met the Goddesses of I am Goddess Modeling Agency. Their beauty turns men into boys and boys into dysfunctional men — They have that thing that that makes it feel good to be a man (or any other lover of beautiful tattooed modified women) inside.

Their “At the Gates” series is definitely a man’s (and woman) guilty pleasure but don’t take my word for it, visit them on Facebook.

Recently had a chat with model/owner Christa Danielle Slover and some of her ladies from the heavens.

TWB: Why I Am Goddess?

IAG: With any company name I’ve made, my go-to technique has been: get stoned, go outside and think until something works out. With IAG it was no different. Personally I’m atheist so it was not meant to be coming from a religious aspect. The true meaning behind the name is that we feel (pardon my cheesiness) that every woman is a goddess. All women are beautiful (even if they aren’t meant for us) and should be treated as such.

TWB: How many models are there?

IAG: Currently working with 10 models and have 4-5 upcoming Montana models. We have a lot in Montana since one of our main goal is to show that Montana DOES have hot girls with body modifications and good taste in music, but we also have more girls nation-wide.

TWB: Whose the company owner?

IAG: I am, Christa. I’m also one of the models and the original owner.

TWB: What do you have going on in networking?

IAG: Oh man so much; Twitter:!/IAMGODDESSX, Myspace: pshhhhh, Facebook:, Ustream, Blogspot:, formspring:, Tumblr:

TWB: What kinds of venues have you girls done and or do? (I thought about leaving this question out because the event fell through but it’s on again but the idea of hot chicks pillow fighting sounds kind of awesome to me, so it’s worth mentioning whether it has or haven’t happen)

IAG: As far as venues we are actually hosting our FIRST event on September 17th at the Landing Pad Indoor skate park and foam pit. It will be a skate competition/concert/pillow fight (Just an all around awesome night with our beautiful Montana ladies). We will be selling stickers, taking donations and just getting sexy!

TWB: Can we expect a calendar of the Goddesses anytime soon?

IAG: YESSSS! We plan to release one for 2012

TWB: Who’s usually on when you’re on Stickam or Ustream?

IAG: Stickam is kinda iffy for us, it’s almost like Chatroulette I guess, haha; but our Ustream will usually be Rosa or myself and we’re working on getting our other ladies involved with it as well.

After learning about the agency I got to know a little about the ladies with a little Q&A.

Christa Slover (a.k.a the Bosslady)

TWB: How long have you been running I am Goddess?

Christa: I started the company in June!

TWB: What tattoos and body modifications do you have?

Christa: I have a white tail on my thigh for my stepdad, both feet with a six-shooter and a rose “hang em high” (Six-shooter right) “or not at all” (Rose-left), a canon AE-1 on my right side (Since I do photography, for Ishotyou Photography and for IAG.) An inverted cross behind my right ear and JUST yesterday (as I was answering your questions) I got a beautiful swan wrapped in pears on my right arm. (By Ian Caroppoli at Blaque Owl in Missoula.

And for piercings I just have dual nostrils, navel and 5/8″ stretched lobes. Getting my medusa sometime this month and just took out my dimple piercings about a month ago

TWB: Do you smoke for recreational, medicinal, or spiritual reasons?

Christa: Mostly recreational. I think Smoking a bowl, drinking a coffee, and just relaxing outside taking care of work is the best. Partially medicinal.

TWB: Are you a green card holder?

Christa: I am not a green card holder, Montana’s laws recently changed, so I guess I would rather not be on the list of people who are registered to smoke.

TWB: Favorite stoner movie?

Christa: Oh man, probably Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s not about being stoned at all, but damn, I LOVE that movie. Okay, changed my mind. Maybe Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 2nd favorite movie ever next to Eternal Sunshine.

Samantha Ruth

TWB: Do you smoke for medical, spiritual, recreational, or all of the above?

Samantha: All of the above ;]

TWB: Favorite photo shoot so far?

Samantha: With David sprout….because no one can make standing on a tree look as good as me, haha

TWB: Besides modeling, what else do you do?

Samantha: Paint, hair stylist, take pictures and rave!

TWB: Favorite stoner movie?

Samantha: hmmm…..probably any Cheech and Chong movie

TWB: Favorite stoner thing to do?

Samantha: Going on road adventures or go to parks. Pretty much everything I do, I do high.

Alisa Taylor

TWB: Do you smoke for medical, spiritual, recreational, or all of the above?

Alisa: All of the above <3

TWB: Favorite photo shoot so far?

Alisa: So far with Jordan Voth in Seattle, did two clothing brands & personal photos.

TWB: Besides modeling, what else do you do?

Alisa: I work and go to school full time. I smoke weed every day, it’s my life. I also love shooting photography, going to shows, snowboarding and love dirt bikes. Random high road trips are always fun ;)

TWB: Favorite stoner movie?

Alisa: Anything full of action! I love fast and the furious because I always feel like I’m in a video game. Also love Avatar & Alice in wonderland.

TWB: Favorite stoner thing to do?

Alisa: Eat, have sex, play video games, go to concerts, roam Seattle, lots of random high conversations. I love shooting high ‘cus I really get into the photoshoots.

Thank you ladies for taking the time to answer my questions, it’s been all my pleasure to have me such a beautiful group of women. And for my fellow quasi-nerds out there if you have any web skills the ladies are looking for a designer. We wish you only the best here ladies and when the calendar comes out I want one.


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