March 30, 2012

Meet The Moustache Bandits: Rock-A-Billy With A Twist

March 30, 2012
The Moustache Bandits
The Moustache Bandits

Music has no boundaries. Country is neither black nor white, and neither is rock and roll. Actually, all music (yes, even what you would consider hillbilly) in America has African American roots; check out The Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Recently on my travels, the Napping Artist of Bozeman, Montana (a.k.a Mindy Panduhburr) introduced me to a local rock-a-billy group known as The Moustache Bandits. Their cd premier show at the Zebra was awesome. A high energy show, with high energy friends (lots of beautiful women included, some on stage known as Puss and Boots) went down on March 9, 2012.

You can’t help like these guys with songs like “I love titties” and “PBR Girl” (who might I add, can kick start her own vibrator and rolls her own tampons). Their show is good, beer drinking, party music, sex not included but all around you. They’ve been called “Raunch’n’Roll” but they prefer “Outlaw RebelGrass”, I’ll go with a good time.

My jaw dropped when the set opened with perfect fiddle playing of The Final Countdown as it transitioned into their song “Horny Hillbilly.” All of this while four masked banditos with mustaches over their masks step out. Less than a year together, you can tell no one just learned how to play their instruments. The band consists of Six-Gauge (guitar and lead singer), Roach (bass and sings back up), Big Daddy HorseCock (violin), and Stroke (drums).

The boys are playing a benefit show on March 29th for CI-110 (a measure to legalize marijuana in Montana brought to you by Montana First) at The Filling Station. They are also trying to play on the warp tour, you can vote and check out their tracks here: Warp Tour Contest.

TWB: I really liked the show, what can you tell me about your music and band?

6-gauge: Our lyrics are witty, based on true stories. The music is built off of classical training which adds to our high energy shows that involve the audience. But I guess the only thing people don’t know yet is why we do this. I started this band as a joke to make fun of country music (since I run sound for a lot of country music and make my living off of that). This band took on its own purpose as we went a long.

Having the support that we are getting is a huge thing to see in Montana ‘cuz it means Montana is ready to start embracing original music and original attitudes again. Our lyrics are coarse, but thats only ‘cuz radio music hides the meanings of their lyrics (ex: “She went down south” means “She sucked my dick”), using circumvention is irritating. Sometimes the best way to express yourself is by saying “FUCK IT”! and there is no substitute. Also, we live in a world where swearing and coarse language is the norm in society. Censorship has become the joke and swearing has become the norm. But i’m ranting a bit.

We really love doing benefits, love pushing for original music and attitudes. We are taking a stand against cover bands and simple dance beat music. The lyrics are foul but there is wit in their structure, the music is complex, and we put passion into our live show. We play like its the last time we will ever be on stage no matter what.

TWB: Any of you guys have your marijuana medical card?

6-gauge: We don’t have our cards

TWB: Favorite strains if any?

6-gauge: We like AK47 Bubble gum

TWB: Bong, pipe, or joints?

6-gauge: We are rolling a joint right now but its vaporizers or spliffs mostly.

Thanks guys for taking the time for a little Q & A and if you’re in Montana you should really swing by Bozeman, the city is at a perfect stoner’s pace. Also go to the Warp Tour Website, they’re trying to help marijuana, so why not help them.


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