'California 90420' Coming To Select Theaters April 20th

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California 90420 Coming To A Theater Near You

From one of the guys that brought you the comedy hit, "Waiting..." comes the greener than life story of '4:20 somethings' living in California's semi-legalize marijuana culture.

Harvesting in select theaters April 20th

Feature Documentary
Running Time Approx 78 Minutes


California, 90420 is the greener than life story of "4:20 Somethings" living in California's semi-legalized marijuana culture and Oaksterdam University's bid to legalize it!

90420 is a realistic glimpse into cannabis lifestyle through the eyes of students attending our country's first "Weed College".


Written, Produced & Directed by Dean Shull
Written and Produced by Steve C. Roberts
Written and Produced by Colin Goldman
Edited by Dean Shull and Steve C. Roberts
Produced by New Coast Productions
and Catchphrase Entertainment
Executive Producers Elias Kassouf and Jacob Goldblatt
Associate Producers Joe Bonica and Devin Calloway
Distributed by New Coast Productions

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